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Zuri’s First Birthday // Cake Smash Photoshoot

Most of you don’t know that I don’t just shoot models. Sometimes it’s families, sometimes it’s cosplayers, all the time it’s magic. Today it’s smish-smash, Zuri’s Cake Smash! This isn’t your ordinary cake smash photoshoot. It’s extremely unique because Zuri (officially a year old!) may not like cake? Haha, was that a spoiler alert?

Zuri’s First Birthday // Cake Smash Photoshoot

Let’s just start off by acknowledging that this one year old is an angel. An absolute angel. Her mother Jay, got her the cutest little outfit and there she stood as if she was a runway model in the making, proudly sporting her 1st birthday mermaid onesie!


Now the moment you’ve been waiting for… The cake smash!

Truth be told, I was a little nervous the way Zuri was eyeing this cake. Secret time: It wasn’t just her first cake smash photoshoot, it was mine too. I was nervous as she began to dig in. On first inspection, Zuri seemed confused. Her mother had to show her that it was okay to stick her hand in.

It all seemed well…
Until Zuri realized that she was making a mess on herself.

While most kids are eager to get messy, Zuri is not amused by these antics, and at this point I’m a little shook. What do we do?

We clean her off and let her try again.
At this point, her mom and I are rooting for her.
Come on Zuri.
You got it.

She looks ready!

Ladies and GENTLEMEN,
We have a successful cake smash!

Have you done a cake smash photoshoot yet?

Cake smash photoshoots are completely new to me! I had heard of them but I had never actually experienced one. I think for my first, this was one for the books. I’d like to thank Zuri and her mom Jay for letting me share their experience! Follow Jasemine Denise Photography on Instagram for more photoshoots coming forth and always remember that you can book a photoshoot for your child, yourself, or anyone else by filling out a booking form!

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