Writing Tips: No more Distractions


Aright, let’s be real. A lot of our days start off with lists like this..

You and I have both been here...
You and I have both been here…

You know those nifty little to-do lists we love so much. (Especially if you’re a blogger.) As a writer and a photographer, I love making out my plans for the day. It always includes things like “Remember to eat, remember to write, remember to edit..etc.” What I never seem to do is write the list correctly.. In reality, it should look a little like this:

...and here.
…and here.

I’m not saying that I do this everyday, but.. I do this everyday. So, I reached out to my readers and asked them what challenges them the most as writers. A kind writer emailed me and was 100% honest in her one word email… She said (and I quote) everything!

So, this Tuesday.. I’m about to give you the ultimate writer tip: how to be an undistracted writer. So, if your list looks a lot like wide rule paper number two, I’m here to help you keep a little hair on your head.

What’s a Distraction?

I was going to write some nifty little definition here but.. I got distracted. So, we’ll take another approach with this. What is your biggest distraction? This is pretty much the holy grail of solving your problem. For me, I have plenty. So let’s make a little bullet point list: (can you tell I like lists?)

  • Time and brain power:  My pen is the car but often times, I’m lacking the fuel! How do I find the time and how do I make my brain work? (Come on brain, do brain stuff!)

Answer: Set an hour out of your day and write. Yeah I know. This just sounds so easy. That’s because it is. I keep a journal by my bed for morning and night notes. I write between classes, shoots, and consultations. Fifteen minutes, 30 minutes, whatever I can. It’s good to get the mental juices flowing.

  • Pinterest, Facebook, etc. Okay. If you’re anything like me as a woman, hot people are your inspiration. Channing Tatum can be in my novel anytime. There’s no place for him in the Twisted series but if he came and shot me a facebook message, I wouldn’t say no. If I feel uninspired for a day or a shoot, Pinterest is where I go. Next thing you know, I’m pinning recipes, shoots, half naked pictures of Donald Glover… *ahem*

Solution: Turn off your wifi for an hour. Don’t touch the box, just disconnect yourself. It also helps to put your phone on airplane mode because it focuses you to one thing. No more of those pesky Facebook notifications while you’re trying to write the next best seller. It’s just you and the lines.

  • I have nothing to write about: Oh no. I’ve spent my time writing so many Buffy Fan fics that.. I just don’t know what to write about.

Accept failure and embrace shame. Why?! Because what you’re reading right now is a story of failure, and you’ve probably laughed a few times already. These things are patterns of growth and deserve 1,000 books written about them. Hell, if it wasn’t for people messing up self helps wouldn’t exist.

See this piece of paper? I wrote a 2 page journal entry about how terrible my photography skills are.
See this piece of paper? I wrote a 2 page journal entry about how terrible my photography skills are.

Nifty Tricks To Stay On Track.

Take Notes. 

I don’t care what anyone says, notes are the bees knees. These can be little doodles in class or voice memos in the bathroom during a date. (No, actually. Don’t do that. WRITE ON THE NAPKIN) Notes help when you have nothing to write about because it gives you something to look back on from when you had a gust of sudden inspiration.

Jasemine Denise Photography - How To Write-3

Leave the house.

Seriously. Get out. Go to starbucks. People watch. (Don’t let them catch you.) I hate when I get in the mood and suddenly I get summoned for something that takes so long, I get out of the mood. Don’t be me.

Finally, read my other tips and share your own!

That’s right. Plug it in! I have a bunch of writing tips strewn across this blog. I LOVE WRITING. I love helping people. I love yelling at people, shaking them by the shoulders and yelling “BRUH YOU CAN DO THIS!” So, today.. I’m gonna jumpstart your list and tell you to write a tip below to the next reader desperate to lose all those distractions. Pay it forward, sharing is caring, all that rot.

Do it because it’s one thing you can cross off your list today.

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