A Message To Writers Who Are Afraid To Fail.

This may come as a surprise but this world is filled with writers who are afraid to fail. Some writers advise against sharing your “failures” with the world. Yet, why? In all honesty… All writers are afraid to fail. When we fail, these are lessons in life that are ones we could teach each other as well as learn ourselves. This “Twisted Tuesday”, I’d like to share my biggest downfall as an indie writer and how it changed me.

I want to thank my lovely lady friend Ri (Vex, Chaos, Pierce, what have you) for yelling at me in a Starbucks because I was whining about “the next level” but not taking any steps to get there. To Veronica, thank you for putting me on this crazy ride with you. This experience brought us closer together and that’s what matters. Book sales or not, you’re my McQuaid Brother even after the legacy dies (and that not’s till 3005 anyway. I got your back, we can do this. Hol’up.) Finally, my king. Jason. The one who rubbed my back, greased my scalp, and gave me pep talk throughout this whole ride. These past weeks would’ve been crazy without you. No one could ever be you and I need that. Thank you for holding me down.

Now… Dear writers who are afraid to fail, I failed.

This past week or so, Veronica and I launched our first indie book promotion. There was no ploy, no cash investment.. It was just 7 days, a $2 Kindle eBook deal, and 7 blogs dedicated to it. It was our first shot at a joint venture and we put in work. We talked to book review blogs, sent out press releases, tweeted, posted in forums all over the internet… I even put out a Craigslist Listing! (Surprisingly, only five creepers tried to get me to send them naked pictures. All time record) In the end, what did I sell? Well, let’s just say we didn’t make our goal! (WE were really, really close though!) Now, does that mean I’m a bad writer? No! I sold 150 copies of The Final Martini the week it came out and I launched a pretty successful pre-release of Twisted Illusions when it came out!

Well… then what happened?

I broke a very important rule. In fact, in my head it’s rule number one. Know your book. I mean, sure I can write 7 days worth of blogs on it but I missed the message “Twisted Illusions” was meant to send and I don’t want anyone else to fall prey to the same mistake. So in the words of Veronica, (informally of course): Check this noise!

Twisted Illusions is about a writer who wrote a book that didn’t sell. (Stay with me, this isn’t a book promotion. Mostly because if it was, that’d be the worst pitch ever and you’d have every right to completely understand why a book promotion would fail with a premise like that.) She had one person who believed in her and when she was faced with a challenge that had a time frame attached to it, she didn’t give up. Camille Harrison kept up. Her editor, Wayne gave her a whole list of suggestions and resources. Do you know what Camille did when she got down on herself..? She took advantage of that list and those resources. Why wasn’t I hearing my own message? How was I going to market that message to anyone else if I hadn’t even gotten it? This book is about an author struggling to gain success. This book is me and all the other writers who are afraid to fail. So, I went to the library (Yeah, “THROWBACK” in my “WORLDSTAR” voice). After the first library, I went to another and another and I began gathering resources. The first thing I read made me think about something. Something real.

Real success starts the moment you realized you failed to really try.

Writers who are afraid to fail

I hadn’t been trying my hardest. I’d been doing the bare minimum and kinda anticipating the readers flock to me. Yet, after reading and working.. I was hooked. I am hooked and that little twinge of only selling three whole books in a week was the source of this drive but I’m not distressed on the three copies I sold during the promotion. I’m determined to reach out to the thousands of people who are missing the message that I wrote but completely overlooked. Form now on, one Twisted Tuesday out of the month is for the writers. The ones like me who forget that there are mo ersources out there than just the internet. I’m sending quotes, linking books, featuring artists and so much more because you don’t have to buy my book. The message is inside of you. But… It’d be really dope if you bought it anyway.  Our downfall is our destiny but it doesn’t have to be for all of us. My fellow writers, don’t be like me. Remember your message and always remember that real success starts the moment ou raelized you’ve failed to really, really really try.   If you’re an author looking to learn along with me, subscribe to JDcom. You never know what you may just fall in love with.

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    Andrea Black
    November 20, 2014 at 3:56 pm

    That was inspiring 🙂 Thanks for being open and sharing.

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