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Wedding Boudoir // Gabbie

There’s only thing better than being a boudoir photographer… and that is being a wedding boudoir photographer. One of my best friends got married yesterday and because we weren’t sure we’d be able to pose her during her getting ready photos for a boudoir, we did ours during the SKG Boudoir. Are you ready to cry?

Gabbie // Wedding Boudoir // JDP

This isn’t the first wedding boudoir I’ve done. If you remember, last year Vickie got married and the morning of her wedding was spent in the Hard Rock Hotel. Gabbie was actually the makeup artist on that wedding and I recall her saying “When I get married, I want to have a wedding boudoir too.”  By then, she’d already been engaged and was planning the wedding itself.

One thing that I love about wedding boudoir photoshoots is that it’s different from boudoir photoshoots. When women come in to do a boudoir photoshoot with JDP, they’re typically nervous. They’re really focused on bringing on a sex appeal. In my experience, it takes a while to ease them into it. With wedding boudoirs, these women are thinking about one thing.. How close their big day is. They get really down to earth and even a little silly. It speaks to me a lot, it says, the hard part is almost over and my real life begins… Almost makes me wanna get married. Almost!

Can’t show you anything after this point.. It’s for his eyes only.
Rumor has it, Raymond loved them.

Are you getting married soon or really want to have a Wedding boudoir?

So many of my friends are getting married soon and I’m so excited for each and every wedding. That being said, I am opening the floor for booking for both weddings and bridal boudoirs for 2018-2019! So if you’ve been waiting to inch your way in to snagging me as your photographer,  go ahead and fill out an inquiry! I do travel.

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