Vera // Boudoir // Lovely Lady Lemon

Have you been following the Jasemine Denise Photography Instagram page? If you have, then you know that we hosted our second annual SKG x JDP boudoir photoshoot recently! A bunch of amazing Kings and Queens styled some Shop Kinky Girly gear into their boudoir looks and well… It blew my mind. All July there will be different photoshoots releasing between here and the Empire, a Patreon exclusive place to view NSFW work from the JDP models. I hope you’re ready because I’m personally still not ready.

Disclaimer: Before you pass judgement on anyone featured in this post, remember that this is an artistic boudoir Session. 

Vera // Boudoir // Lovely Lady Lemon

Vera was one of my first ever clients.. Before I even considered myself a boudoir photographer. It was her senior high school portraits that we shot together first. She had told me she had an interest in cosplaying, fashion, and becoming a model. It’s been about four years since then..

Vera is wearing the Gladys Harness from SKG Designs, available in 11 different elastic colors!

Isn’t she lovely?

You can see more of the wonderful modeling that Vera has done by following her on Instagram (and following JDP too!) This boudoir photoshoot was shot during the SKGxJDP weekend which may not come around again for a while, but you can book a boudoir photoshoot with Jasemine Denise Photography anytime. All you have to do is book a session!

Until next time Kings and Queens!

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