A Special Valentine’s Day Session- Anthony And Isaliz

Happy Valentine’s Day! This is one of my favorite holidays because as a photographer, the most important thing to me is capturing real, raw emotional. What’s more emotional then real love?

This Valentine’s Day…

Jasemine Denise Photography - Anthony and Isaliz

Anthony and Isaliz are one of those couples you thank God for bringing into your life. They combine both equal parts humor with absolute adorableness to create the image of stunning. I’m proud to introduce to you Anthony and Isaliz. He is a man who loves video games and Angry Birds. She is a woman who loves pink and Hello Kitty. Somehow, someway these two found each other and created something impeccable together.

It also worth noting that Anthony cut his beard for this session. After much fluttering eyelashes and “but you’ll look so fo-ine.” pleas from his lady lady love, it surprised even me that he ended up taking leap.

Anthony and Isaliz Jasemine Denise Photography

Anthony and Isaliz Jasemine Denise Photography 2

Anthony And Isaliz- Jasemine Denise Photography


Anthony and Isaliz Jasemine Denise Photography 3Anthony And Isaliz Jasemine Denise Photography 4
Anthony and Isaliz Jasemine Denise Photography 7Anthony and Isaliz - Chicago Portrait PhotographyFacebook Teaser

And after all the long kisses and posing… I just let them run wild and let me tell you… They… went… wild!

Anthony and IsalizAnthony And Isaliz 2Anthony and Isaliz 3

Don’t you just love them? I mean not only are they matching outfits but they’re also matching personality! The best part is that both of them have an Instagram and you can follow both him and her! You can also subscribe to the blog to see more awesome shoots coming your way!

Also: Check out my post on what love means to me.  I mean, it all feels appropriate.

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