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I bet you didn’t know I was a writer, huh? It’s because I haven’t talked about it in about.. two years. Why? I’m certainly not ashamed of one of my favorite passions. Still… It took me two full years to write the sequel to Twisted Illusions. Today I’m gonna tell you why with.. Brace yourself… No spoiler alerts.

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Why Did It Take So Long?

(If you haven’t read Twisted Illusions yet, this section is going to sound like a huge blur to you)

Matthew is why it took so long. This series hasn’t gone in the order of.. a regular book. This book is actually the story of what happened before the first book. Half of it was written before Twisted Illusions was even a thing.

As I’m wrote this novel, I fell in love with Matthew. It wasn’t like I was falling for the junkie piece of shit liar everyone loves to hate, but who he was before he became all of that. Twisted Abandon tells you his story and I had written it so long ago, that coming back to reinvent it was a challenge. Halfway through writing this elaborate thing.. that I won’t spoil, I realized that.. essentially he has to evolve into the asshole that is the Matthew that everyone knows and loves.

The things I put Matthew through in Twisted Abandon… made me cry. Like, more than I cried writing the jump scene of Chris in TI. (I actually wrote a blog about how big of a baby I am getting super attached to my characters)

Are there any new characters?

Oh there are tons. Not enough for you to get mega lost but there are some characters that you’ve never met, and some that you’re going to feel like you never met because “When did this person become this monster?!” It’s going to feel like you’re being introduced to some of them all over again.

Where can I get it?

You can officially get a copy of Twisted Abandon on Amazon or you can get a signed copy from my author portal.


and now.. the moment you’ve been waiting for.
A snippet. 

Matthew paused when he felt a presence behind him.

“Stop right there.” He ordered and the small pattering of feet stopped. “What do you want?”

“I want to save you.” He looked over his shoulder and was surprised to see Roselia standing behind him.

“Save me.” He stated more than asked.

“Save her.” She clarified.

“Thanks, but my girl’s not like you.”

“Like me.” Rose said and he began to turn to leave but she grabbed his arm. “Oh.” She smiled a close mouthed smug smile that turned into a full on grin. “Ohh.”

“What?” He demanded quickly becoming irritated with her.

“You are the one.”

“Let me go.” He warned.

“You are not protecting your woman. You are protecting yourself. Do you love her?” He turned back and bit back his anger. He didn’t know whether he loved Camille or not. It was too soon. She cared for him more than anyone else had and that had felt like enough for him. She quickly accepted him and did nice things for him. Of course he could love her but the fear that she wouldn’t love him back was terrifying.

“Why do you ask?”

“If you owe Emmanuelle money, and you don’t pay off your debt, he doesn’t come after you.” Roselia explained before she reached forward and adjusted Matthew’s collar. “He comes for the ones you love.”

Matthew gripped her wrist. “My mother is way out of his reach.”

“Or…” Rose’s eyes met his and there was a gleam in them that made Matthew very un easy. Suddenly, it clicked.

He raced back into Brice’s house. The noise he’d made caused Ms. Scott to look up but Matthew headed straight for Brice’s bedroom With the force of fear and anger, he kicked the door in.

Brice looked up from his phone. “What are you doing to her?”

Wanna find out?
[Get Twisted Illusions] | [Get Twisted Abandon] | [Get a signed copy of both books]

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