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Tough Love // Erin Englerth

It’s that time again for you all to bask in the gorgeous, unique, and punk aesthetic of Erin Englerth. This time, she not only brought the A game you’ve come to love and respect; but we also got MUAYV to hook us up with some stellar makeup!

Disclaimer: Before you pass judgement on anyone featured in this post, remember that Erin is a model and that this is a boudoir Session. 


Tough Love // Erin Englerth

This shoot starts out as any other. Erin is standing outside on the balcony taking her last smoke before we enter her hotel. We have no idea what to expect at this point, it’s simply the promise that it’s going to be a wild one. Note: Her hair was done by the lovely Clinten Engstrom. 


As the sun sets, Erin flicks her cigarette to the wind. She begins to walk toward her hotel room and I wander questioningly to the door. Instead of immediately walking inside, I patiently await being invited in. My back is to the door as I attempt to give Erin her privacy. Several seconds have past, and I sneak a peek into the window of her room which is slightly ajar. “Erin—“I stammer as I take in the scene before me. She gives me a face.. a challenging expression, before she lends me the most adorable wink.

Erin Englerth-13

Erin Englerth-14

Inside I go. The room is about as unique as Erin. The walls are adorned with heart shaped mirrors surrounding the bath tub. The bed is heart-shaped too. It’s got velvet sheets and cushion. It reminds me of Dita Von Teese for some reason. Erin strolls past me. She doesn’t walk. Her confidence is evident in every step. It’s almost like we’re not in a giant heart-shaped room and she’s not in her lingerie. It’s like we’re two classy friends in a museum. She props herself in front of the mirror and it’s just a beautiful sight.

Pinup - Erin Englerth -4

Pinup - Erin Englerth -9Pinup - Erin Englerth -7

She seductively slinks over to her heart-shaped bed and again I’m speechless. I’ve never seen something so smooth. Yet, all rational thought frees itself from my mind when she chuckles and asks in a low voice: “Are you’re just gonna stand there?”

Pinup - Erin Englerth -14
Isn’t Erin great?

She set this whole shoot up. Being a lover of very vintage and burlesque looks, we’ve grown a lot from our last shoot at creating something like this. It’s always a pleasure shooting with Erin as you’ve seen, and each shoot gets progressively more creative. Stay tuned for our next one, but in the meantime:

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    January 19, 2016 at 1:06 pm

    Very creative and some really great shots. 😀

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