Top 5 Ways to be a Stellar Freelance Model

Happy Tuesday, as you guys may have known or seen, I’ve worked with a lot of models in the last year! Let me tell you, being a photographer and a model aren’t much different. You work really hard, you seek reward, and you cringe at the word TFP every single time you hear it. What no one tells you when you start trying to make it in the industry is that being a freelance model isn’t easy. There’s so much you have to do, remember, and become in order to be noticed and to get really good paid jobs. So today, I’m offering my top 5 ways to be a stellar freelance model.

Stellar Freelance Model Status.

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#5: Start a blog.

I don’t care if it’s meaningless or if it feels silly, every freelance model should have a blog. There are so many models who get endorsed or noticed just by sharing a weekly blog. Blog about modeling, blog about your city and how much you love it. Whatever you blog about it, include people you’ve worked with. If it’s a well thought out blog, it’ll be shared.

#4: Join Facebook groups:

The Facebook community is actually more beneficial than you think! You can talk directly to brands, photographers, and companies casting. You don’t have to join 800 different groups either. You can join five but make sure that you’re actively participating. I know that because I’m one of the admins for one, and I’m watching people cast models everyday. Get active!


#3: Attend Events, Take workshops, and Take Selfies!

Do you like Starbucks? I love Starbucks! Whenever I’m there, I’m checking out their bulletin board and seeing what I can get into! Models can do the same thing! As a matter of fact, they can do more! Bring business cards. (You can even get your picture on them!) These will help you network with brands and people, leave an everlasting impression, and constantly network even while you’re taking that amazing selfie you’re going to tag all your friends on on Facebook.

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#2: Connect With Brands & Photographers:

I follow 10-15 models on Instagram a day, and I almost always follow the ones who follow me from my area! The most popular way for me to find them is through hashtags. Hashtag things in your IG posts that you’d want to be associated with you.

For example, for John the menswear model and face of What He Wears hashtags and tags all the brands he wears. It grows his following and each time his photo is liked, he’s showing up in another audience’s explore tag!

#1: Keep your portfolio updated:

When I speak the word portfolio, I mean it all. Having a Facebook page is great but a real portfolio (OFF of Model Mayhem) is stellar. It showcases your work, says a lot about you, It can even make you more note-worthy if you’re trying to get with an agency to have comp-cards and updated headshots. These serve as your resume because just like everything else, professional modeling is a job.


Note to the Aspiring Freelance Models:

These are simply suggestions to strengthen your career as a freelance model. I’ve seen them work well with many models but it’s about your effort, ethics and your education. Know what it takes to succeed in your particular industry of interest, always be professional and always give it yourself. Most importantly, if you can’t find a trail to follow, blaze your own trail! (The best advice my mother ever gave me.)


Good luck and subscribe to the blog for more tips, photos and more!


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