PJ| Toddler’s First Portrait Session

love the look on a person’s face when you it’s their first portrait session and you get to bring their vision and inner beauty to life. Yet, when Nitya reached out about her toddler’s first portrait session I leapt up with excitement! I love kids! I spent a whole year chasing them around Haunted Trails and singing to them. No one could ever tell me that shooting a toddler’s first portrait session was something I couldn’t do.

Arriving at the session, I didn’t know what to expect. The toddler, PJ, was blessed with a mother who was already making major headway in the modeling industry and I wanted her son’s first shoot to be a joyous one. I had even packed a special surprise for PJ in hopes to win over his favor. When we finally were “nearly face to face” (I’m 4’11.), he stood shyly beside his mom. Yet, I offered him grapes and complimented him on his classy little suit and it became history from that moment on.

A Tip For Any Photographer Shooting A Toddler’s First Portrait Session

Toddlers First Portrait Session

Patience is the way to go! PJ, or Phillip had no idea what he was in for when he stepped onto the grassy fields of our location. Surely a one year old is not going to understand you when you say “Okay, we’re going to do some poses in this ensemble before we make a sprint to down that hill.” PJ merely stared at me with his beady eyes and anticipated the moments when I said “Ready, set, go.” From that moment, he was off and I had one choice: RUN!

Toddler First Portrait Session II
PJ Harding Toddler Session

After he frolicked around in his fancy clothes, we put him into his second outfit which was by far the most energetic part of this shoot. PJ ran up and down the hill, laughing, and chasing me around walls. Yet, that was the moment when his inner greatness became his outer goodness.

Childrens Portrait SessionFirst Portrait Session 4

First Portrait Session 3Family Portrait Session 5

PJ was insanely excited about everything for a little over an hour and a half. At one point, he wanted to be near the water so bad, he raced toward it and his amazing mother had to pause and hold his hand. She held his hand and chased him around like a devoted mother did and it put a smile on my face.


How We Finished PJ’s First Portrait Session

We took him to the place he wanted to go the most during the entire session. To The water.
Family Portrait Sessionlast one

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    August 22, 2014 at 4:46 pm

    This is so cute. He looks like he had a blast and a half.

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