The Real Pokahontas // Chicago Model Test Shoot

Reconnection: (rē′kə-nĕkt′)

v. re·con·nect·ed, re·con·nect·ing, re·con·nects: 1. to meet or come in contact with someone after a long absence.
I Imagine sitting next to someone over the course of your middle school years that you instantly connected with. You were a bit crazy, so forcing that person to watch every Johnny Depp film didn’t seem absurd and completely psycho. Now, that person is a published model sitting across from you as you reconnect for what could be considered the thousandth time. Except this time, it’s because you’re creating something beautiful.

The Real Pokahontas
Chicago Model 

Armetta Floyd - Jasemine Denise Photography-19

As I’m writing this, Pokahontas and I are coming upon our fifth session together. (Yeah, so I’m a little late!) All it took was one meeting, one hour of grade school giddy laughter in a Starbucks and suddenly, a muse-on-muse collaboration began. Our intention was to simply get a feel for shooting with each other.


Knowing everything about each other doesn’t constitute having the power to follow and give direction, so here we were… Outside of a Starbucks, shivering and laughing as we made magic.
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Yeah, I know! She’s such a silly one but her work is truly amazing! You can follow her on Instagram as well as like her Facebook page. She’s worked with some very talented and creative Chicago photographers outside of me. She’ll be back on this blog sooner than you think!

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