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Thank You

How can I accurately express my thanks to you for subscribing to JDcom? I mean, how can I accurately say thanks to you for wanting to read more content written by yours truly? Well, right now… I got nothing! BUT! I will start sending random “thank you” emails, with secret goodies in them. Picture me just kinda being like “Hey, hey–” *randomly glomps you* “THANKS!” and then I hand you like.. I don’t know, special subscriber only contests, discounts, things I only want to share with YOU.

Hey, hey, hey! Wait, we’re not done Yet!

So, you have to go to your email and actually ACCEPT the confirmation that you’ve subscribed. I know that sounds annoying, but I mean, it’s the rules of the SUB list! All you have to do is go to your email and hit a button that says “I do take you Jasemine-Denise to be my lawfully wedded wife,” and then we’re married… I mean.. erm. I mean, we’re… You’re suscribed to my blog. Yeahhhh, that’s what I meant. *coughs and sneezes*

So yeah, make sure you get that email and CONFIRM the fact that you want this! There’s actually backing out later, I mean if you want. I’m not forcing you to marry… I mean… Right, subscribe.

Please Don’t Spam Me Jasemine!

Don’t even trip, I hate Spam too! Like, a lot. Therefore, I’m only going to send you important stuff, or things for you to read every now and again. I don’t want to be the only email in your inbox for like 15-17 scrolls, I mean come on! You’ve got annoying candy crush invites for that. You signed up, which means, you got a soft spot for me. I’m not gonna take advantage of that. I promise.

Once again, thank you. You’re too much. No, no. You’re just right. Don’t change a thing, and thank you for subscribing.

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