Jasemine Denise Photography Interview

I’ve been waiting to release this for a while now!

One day, a few months ago I sat down with this random stranger with a bow-tie and he asked me a bunch of questions about photography! We spoke about how passionate I feel about taking pictures and what passion means to me. Next thing you know, there were cameras! I’m just kidding.

The passion project is an interesting interview segment produced by Nicky Thompson where it captures the most passionate artist doing what they love the most. Not only do you get to catch them partaking in such arts, but you get an insight on what got them started, what kept them going, and why they’ll stay with it forever.

If I may brag so myself, Nicky is an absolutely talented uprising filmmaker who I’m excited to work with in the future. As you can tell by the video, I’m not really an in front of the camera top gal. Yet, after 7 billion takes of me just being like “wait, wait,” Nicky never lost patience with me and I’m amazed at how well put together this interview is!

Check out this trailer for my interview with the guy with the bow-tie.

Full Interview Coming Soon.

Concept, Recording and Filming by: Nicky Thompson aka “The guy with bow-tie.

Music By: Childish Gambino

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