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Catch up on our latest photoshoots, my craziest looks, and if you want.. You can even learn a little more about me.

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Taking Back Thursday // Navy Pier Photoshoot

July 16, 2015 jasemine-denise 2 min read 1 Comment

Taking Back Thursday // Navy Pier Photoshoot

July 16, 2015 Jasemine Denise Photography 2 min read 1 Comment
[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]It’s a chilly night in November, November 11th to be exact… I’m sitting at a house, pacing the carpet reminding myself of what I’m about to face. I’m about to meet Joe for the first time. I’d already had a photoshoot with his girlfriend who is a cosplay model, a regular model, and an all around fantastic person. I keep reminding myself of one thing.. “Don’t tell him you proposed to his girlfriend while she was dressed up a vampire…” Guess what the first thing was I said to Joe as we made our way downtown for their Navy Pier photoshoot…



I said… “Hey, Joe! I’ve heard a lot about you,” of course.. I’m not telling this guy a thing. Needless to say, at the end of the session… I proposed to him too. I remember it going something like, “It can just be a threeway marriage. I’ve already proposed to Amanda!” Whoops. Now… Why am I randomly proposing to this gorgeous couple? Wait until you see their session… Believe me, you’ll fall in love.

Taking Back Thursday:
Navy Pier Photoshoot

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The first thing that caught my attention about Amanda was her personality. I told myself that day that there was absolutely no one in this world who could match her energy. I was wrong. The way that Joe and here run around and look into each other’s eyes…  Witnessing something so perfect blew my mind immediately.


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I followed them into the greenhouse, staying behind just so I can watch how amazing and adorable they are. The way the greenhouse lit up for them, it was like fireworks each and every

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Last upload-16 Portrait Photos-5-XL

Indoor-Ferris Wheel-1 Indoor-Ferris Wheel-5 Indoor-Ferris Wheel-6Chicago Navy Pier Photo Shoot-3-XL


Aren’t they gorgeous?

It may not be an .eleveneleven. session such as this one but you can have an amazing one too! I may even propose to you! You don’t have to say yes! Haha, no pressure. If you’re not ready, you can always subscribe to the blog. You’ll get the jump on deals, a biweekly heads up of what’s been going on over here, and so much more!

Jasemine Denise Photography
Jasemine Denise Photography

I travel as a photographer, I write novels , and I fan girl a lot. I have an unnecessary attachment to all things 80s punk, 90s hip hop, and girl power. I typically write in the same tone that I talk in so you should probably be prepared for that. Just saying.

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    Danielle Dortch July 27, 2015 at 4:21 pm

    This photo shoot is so sweet! What a gorgeous couple!

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