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ClaustroClothic #25: Teal // Chicago Fashion

Alright, since no one else is gonna say it.. I will. Did we even get a spring this year? It’s June and I’m still waiting on the weather to give me some rain to do Chicago fashion photoshoots in. It’s June. Anyway, I asked because this ClaustroClothic was supposed to be a look for the spring.. I had a shoot for it and everything.. Yet spring never came. Call that Chicago fashion.

ClaustroClothic #25: Teal

What inspired this look?

So much has changed since my last ClaustroClothic. I moved house, I fell in love,  Liberation by Christina Aguilera came out, I gained two new business partners and I changed my hair.. I had never dared to venture into pink.. Yet, this transition called for something new.. Something vibrant.. Something fresh. The blooming of all these things in my life called for a splash of color in my life.

Why Label This Look Chicago Fashion specifically?

Growing up on the south side of Chicago, I always thought Chicago fashion.. at least in the streets was about coordinating. A lot of people on the south side spent time in the store matching their fitted to their shoes to their shirt.

That was Chicago fashion to me. I didn’t go to Chicago Fashion week, I didn’t spend time in fashion school.. I just looked at what was around me. It was all about coordination. So when I got older.. I knew that’s what I wanted to take away from my city as far as fashion.. I wanted to be coordinated.

Top to bottom, everything has to match!

What’s your favorite part of this outfit?

*pulls out foghorn* Let. Me. Tell. You!

Teal is life, teal is love, teal is the last color Shop Kinky Girly released before the owner blew my mind with a brand new vegan collection. Some say mint, some say teal, whatever it is, I’m wearing it!

This one in particular is the Valentina Harness. I love it because it has so many different adjustable straps, kinda like the Dita but a little more subtle. The neck strap sold me. It’s like wearing a collar and a harness at the same time.

Get yourself one.

Well, that’s it!

Stay tuned. I’ll be serving a pink look next that I can’t wait for you to see. In the meantime, follow me on Instagram to see outfits I put together daily.


ClaustroClothic Outfit #51: CCC Punk

If you look up “Classy Punk” on Google, you don’t get a lot of results. I guess it falls more under the rockabilly style, but as I enter my third week of college, I wonder to myself “Why not?” School isn’t some corporate courthouse where we’re conditioned to look like boring, drab, Juicy Couture or go home fascists. (Okay, the revolutionist in me may have to sit this one out.) This Claustroclothic is a tribute to all the punks who are combination of both punk and classy.

Outfit #51: CCC Punk (Like SLC Punk, but Community College Edition)

Blog One

What Inspired this outfit?

 Well, I mean… A lot of factors played into it, but I guess you can say that on my first day of school, I was coming from a house that wasn’t mine in clothes that I’d worn out somewhere. So, a see-through shirt, some highwaisted shorts and my combat boots. Bad, bad first impression. Even worse, an old colleague of mine saw me and the first thing he said when he saw my day old eyeliner was “Jasemine, no. You can’t come into school like that.” I wasn’t ready but I vowed each day after that I would be!

How I felt When I put it on:

 I felt good. I felt like a lot of kids were going to judge me but this was who I am. It’s a great feeling knowing that I can be me and still have integrity.

What’s the best part of the outfit?

 You know what I’m gonna say, don’t you? If you don’t get the reference, it’s because you don’t know who Donald Glover is and you should. You should know Childish Gambino and Because The Internet, and that whole legacy. The reason this is my favorite is because there has to be someone in my school who appreciates Donald as much as I do. I want to find that person and bond with them. What better way to start than to have the most famous CG phrase tattooed on your back?

Yas lawd

What was the most expensive part of this outfit?

Definitely the bag. The bag was about $35 and my boyfriend bought it for me. It’s a camera bag but it’s so stylish, I’m wearing it everywhere!

Blog Four Color Palette

What kind of advice would you give anyone trying to achieve this look?

Remember that it’s a combination of two different styles! It’s punk but also class so balance out your accessories accordingly. For mine, I chose my spiked bracelet who I got from a loving dear ex co-worker and and the regal earrings I bought from a beauty supply a week after I started the denim vest. (I also DIY’ed that vest, by the way!) Also, don’t be afraid to have a color palette. I think I’m an insane example because everything in my room is a shade of blue from teal to mint green/blue.
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Are you going for this style sometime soon?

Or have a style you’d like to see me shoot for? Drop a comment below and I’ll read them, and check it out! And if you’re really feeling awesome, send me a photo of you rocking your Classy Punk style! I love getting to see people bring out their inner fashionista or fashionister. So, share with me! & Check back next week where we dig deeper into my “closet” for another style.

For now, this fashionista is hasta la vista!