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Super Orange Sunday: Not Your Average Waifu

Super Orange recently released the first SO lookbook called Glitter and Guillotines and it is absolutely dangerous! If you wanna see some babes in some badassasery, you’ve come to the right place. Super Orange is an amazing clothing company based out of Oregon. The brand has been described by the owner as being about wearing what you love, what makes you feel amazing and being as comfortable as possible.

It’s my honor to present to you in the coming Sundays every single submission the ladies of Jasemine Denise Photography created for the magic that is Super Orange.

Super Orange Sunday // Guillotines:

Not Your Average Waifu

I’m not gonna lie. I didn’t think I was going to get into this lookbook. I definitely didn’t think I was gonna make the front page. Once you open up the lookbook, there’s me. I remember thinking that my look was going to be too out there. Imagine my surprise meeting the owner of Super Orange and finding out that he actually ended up loving my look so much that my favorite picture was also his.

After Glitter and Guillotines was released, there was a perfect description of the thought of what I was going for with my set as the definition of what Guillotines represented. Guillotines is for cutting the negativity and toxicity that life throws at your daily and uniting with other Beautiful And Dangerous babes. 

Not Yours.

Time to get personal.

The term “Waifu” means wife. I spent about four or five years adjusting to the fact that I was never going to be that. Someone’s everything, someone’s love of their life… That’s a terrifying thing to come to terms late at night, alone in your bed. It wasn’t a bad realization though. I realized, maybe I didn’t want to be the wrong person’s waifu. Maybe, I wanted to focus on what it meant to be loved and to love before I went on a mission to find love. Once I came to terms with that, I started encouraging other women around me to take the journey as well. It’s not just about saying “Love yourself!” It’s deeper than that. When a woman starts to love herself, it’s empowering, it’s self improving, it’s beautiful… and most of all.. It’s dangerous.

Learning to love yourself is a take no shit oath. It’s like carrying a bat around that says, “You can’t hurt me because I won’t take anything like that sitting down. So back up before I love myself so loudly that it shakes you off your feet.” The way you hold your head up high, the way you walk, the clothes you wear, the confidence you radiate… These are all things that act as a shield, the most powerful weapon you have against protecting your heart. When you meet the person who worships you as the queen that you are, you’ll slowly let your guard down and it’ll be worth it because you’ll know. The problem is that we give our hearts to people that we don’t know will break them.  When you learn to love yourself, you learn to see the enemies… Ones who are just in it to break your heart. You become the one with the power.


wearing a Sugarbone ‘Babe With The Power” pin and a Garbage Humans BTVS “Slayer” pin

Remember Who has the power of the Guillotine..

Stay tuned. There are so many more awesome shoots from the Super Orange Lookbook coming to this blog in the upcoming Sundays.

But also.

Get yourself a copy of the Super Orange Glitter and Guillotines Lookbook or heads will roll!
(Get it like Guillotines.. The beheading device? Ahh, nevermind!)

Also. Don’t forget to scoop you some Super Orange gear because look book #2, is coming soon.

boudoir Photography

Nora x Super Orange Photoshoot

When I first heard of Super Orange, I heard about how sold out everything always was because it was just that good. The owner is this rad person who travels from convention to convention selling limited edition wear and I was impressed as a fellow business owner. Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated nor paid by Super Orange to “endorse” their products. Hell, I don’t even own any of the apparel yet because it just sells out that fast! Anyway, when Nora pitched the concept of a Pillow Princess Super Orange Photoshoot, I couldn’t say no… Hell, I even suggested throwing in a velvet Pentagram SKG harness just to spice it up.

Remember: This photo session is a part of the boudoir collection meaning that the subject may be a bit less clothed than you’re used to. (Click here to be reminded about what boudoir photography is all about..) Nora’s hair in this session was styled by the Shear King himself, Brandon Ivy.

Nora X Super Orange Photoshoot

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