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Punk Storm Cosplay // Collaboration

Punk Storm has been a dream of mine since I could first remember. I’m talking before I could even imagine holding a camera would get me as far as it has. When the Queen behind Weave N Luxury, the Queen behind SKG Designs and I all started talking about a collaboration where I’d be in front of the camera, I jumped at the chance to live one of my wildest dreams out.

Punk Storm Cosplay

SKG Designs x Weave N Luxury x Jasemine Denise Photography

The Hair // + Weave N Luxury

The wig to this cosplay was created from 100% human hair by Weave N Luxury. When I said Storm, she just immediately knew where I was going with it. It was crazy. She dyed it so that it had the look specifically and then when I got on set, she styled and cut it right there while it was on my head. Magic!

The Punk Look // + SKG Designs

You can’t be punk storm without having some punk in your outfit.
I contemplated for weeks what would make this look complete. Of course it was almost a no brainer after time. My handmade EST 19xx spiked bra. I’ve been asked for years if I made the bra myself, the answer is yes! Ontop of that is the Selene Harness that I rocked right alongside the Selene waist belt, both leather and handmade from SKG.

The collar is a white leather with a large O ring also created by SKG designs. While it may not be available in white anymore, there is definitely an entire leather collection that can be purchased in either red or black. 

Are you digging the Punk Storm Cosplay?

Punk storm has always been a dream of mine! What’s your next cosplay? What’s your dream cosplay? Seriously, tell me in the comments! I’d love to know. Also, remember that you can get a discount over at SKG Designs any time by using the code ‘JasemineDenise’ and if you buy something… You should tag me in a photo of you rocking it on Instagram, because I love love love seeing people rock SKG!

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ClaustroClothic #37: Black Sheep – Alternative Fashion

America may or may not have made an ass out of themselves this month. I’m not one to get political almost ever, but electing Donald Trump as president really felt like a dead era. To make matters a bit worse, one of my closest friends and models Saint Mortis moved to Vegas. Anyone who knew us knew that we were close. That was my daughter. So these past few weeks have been a bit of mourning for me. I wasn’t ready to jump head first into creative newer alternative fashion looks. I mean, it really felt like a dark time…

ClaustroClothic #37 embraces that darkness.

ClaustroClothic #37: Black Sheep
Alternative Fashion - Jasemine Denise Photography

Alternative Fashion curated and modeled by Jasemine-Denise

The last thing I was thinking about the morning after Trump won president was alternative fashion. Still, I had to get dressed. I needed to tell myself that this was reality. This is what I needed to remember this day… To move on… To continue to fight and to refuse to let him win. This is what I wore November 9th, 2016.

What inspired this outfit:

I was in a dark place when I created this outfit. It was morning, I had learned that Donald Trump had won the presidential debate and I still had to get up and do normal things. Go to breakfast, go to work, live life… My friends and family, particularly the ones in the LGBT+, POC, and women’s community were in mourning. My friend had to tell her students what had happened… Alternative fashion or anything of the sort was the last thing on my mind. Still, I had to get up… and wear my sadness on my sleeve.

What was the best part of this outfit?


The first thing that I saw when getting out of bed to put together this outfit was the purse my dear friend gave me on my final visit to see her before she started her journey. I have countless bags, but this one… This one was special.

What Part of the Outfit was the Most Challenging?

Bringing light into this outfit was the hardest. It was hard not to dress like a funeral. Our nation had just witnessed a tragedy and I couldn’t be more sad. Yet I knew that if I didn’t throw a little color into my outfit, a little light… I’d probably continue to feel that darkness all day.



What did I learn from this?

Hearing that Trump will be our next president was the like the death of me. November 9th 2016 is the day that I rose up. I didn’t rise up with fear not for the state of my safety as a POC but for all the lives I’m about to wreck making sure our voices are heard. Our struggles and oppression will not be silenced. It isn’t a game just because Trump won. We did not lose. This will only make us stronger and our voices louder. This cannot get to us. This should only make us stronger. This election means that a lot of people are going to try and break us, but they’re gonna fail. Miserably. I wear this darkness not as a mourning but as a warning that in dark times, we only get greater. The gold (that small bit of light) is royalty.

This queen reclaimed her throne…


Wanna see more of my looks?

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ClaustroClothic Punk Fashion : Top 5 Daily Looks.

Every now and again.. more like everyday, I’ll piece together a look for the day. If you guys have been to the blog before, you know that punk fashion is one of my favorite things. Sometimes, it’s very in the moment though. I’ll be too tired to whip out the camera or too in a rush so I’ll simply post the look to Tumblr in the form of a gifset. Today I wanted to show you some of the best looks you haven’t seen! Not only that, I’m going to tell you where you can get some of the pieces to put together an outfit like this yourself! If you’re really in love with them.. Don’t forget to follow me on Tumblr for more!

All gifsets created by me and are property of Jasemine Denise Photography.

1.) Riot Grrrl

I pieced this outfit together while creating a vest which you’ll get to see coming soon to JDcom. The plan was to combine a girly aspect with a biker punk look to emphasize the fact that women can be punk and pink at the same time. The challenge with the outfit was not overdoing the ‘punk’ side. They had to be even so eventually it boiled down to using the ‘punk aspect’ (studs, collars, etc) as the accessory pieces and to keep the pink the main front.

Get yourself a pair of those nifty leather gloves here, the collar or the pink skirt here. 

2.) Bike Belt Punk

At one point, I got an amazing belt right after getting another amazing belt so I wore them both at the same time. I love this look because it had like a biker girl feel to it without overdoing the metal/leather. It was also the first warm day in Chicago so I whipped out the fishnets and high waists and was very pleased overall with the way it turned out!

Get yourself a black studded belt. 

3.) Kinky Girl

That underbust corset is my go to for creating dark but flowing looks. It is literally one of my absolute favorites. Speaking of favorites, this look was created based off the harness I bought from Kinky Girl not too long ago. Surprisingly, it’s my first harness and it fits so snugly that I already know I’m going back to KG for my next one.

Get my harness or that amazing underbust corset. 

4.) Pixie Goth

This one’s not so much “punk fashion” but I couldn’t make a outfit master post without a Trish’s Hood Original. The top, my favorite corset top, is from Nasty Gal which I’m always fan-girling to you guys about. (I even did a full ClaustroClothic for a totally different look involving the same shirt.) I wanted to include something a little darker in this post without overdoing it. It’s funny because while the hood was handmade and the top was bought full price, the corset and the skirt are definitely secondhand!

Get yourself a a Nasty Gal sheer lace top like mine.

and finally number

5.) Jailhouse grunge

love this outfit. The best part about it is that it was nothing to put together. Five minutes before piecing it together, I decided very last minute that I wanted to pull of the “distressed look”, so I grabbed a seam ripper and started butchering the little $5 shirt from Forever 21. The skirt is a vegan leather piece I got from a seller on Depop. The corset is actually mesh and is a waist trainer (although I don’t need it). I made the joke when I posted this outfit that this is what I get for playing Jail House Rock by Elvis and Negative Creep back to back.

Get the corset and the collar!

Get punk fashion The Looks:

Well, that’s all for now!
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Punk Fashion is Back!

It’s been one hell of a year and a very fashionable one at that but you wouldn’t know that because you haven’t been able to see it here. If you follow me on Tumblr, you’ve been seeing my personal style tag , but you guys have actually commanded that I bring this section of JDcom back. I can’t say no to that… I really can’t.

So. Without further ado, here’s this short blog whilst I write the many coming after it of photoshoots that have been happening. (I still have three days of Halloween to give you. Hahaha I’m terrible I know.)

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ClaustroClothic Outfit #51: CCC Punk

If you look up “Classy Punk” on Google, you don’t get a lot of results. I guess it falls more under the rockabilly style, but as I enter my third week of college, I wonder to myself “Why not?” School isn’t some corporate courthouse where we’re conditioned to look like boring, drab, Juicy Couture or go home fascists. (Okay, the revolutionist in me may have to sit this one out.) This Claustroclothic is a tribute to all the punks who are combination of both punk and classy.

Outfit #51: CCC Punk (Like SLC Punk, but Community College Edition)

Blog One

What Inspired this outfit?

 Well, I mean… A lot of factors played into it, but I guess you can say that on my first day of school, I was coming from a house that wasn’t mine in clothes that I’d worn out somewhere. So, a see-through shirt, some highwaisted shorts and my combat boots. Bad, bad first impression. Even worse, an old colleague of mine saw me and the first thing he said when he saw my day old eyeliner was “Jasemine, no. You can’t come into school like that.” I wasn’t ready but I vowed each day after that I would be!

How I felt When I put it on:

 I felt good. I felt like a lot of kids were going to judge me but this was who I am. It’s a great feeling knowing that I can be me and still have integrity.

What’s the best part of the outfit?

 You know what I’m gonna say, don’t you? If you don’t get the reference, it’s because you don’t know who Donald Glover is and you should. You should know Childish Gambino and Because The Internet, and that whole legacy. The reason this is my favorite is because there has to be someone in my school who appreciates Donald as much as I do. I want to find that person and bond with them. What better way to start than to have the most famous CG phrase tattooed on your back?

Yas lawd

What was the most expensive part of this outfit?

Definitely the bag. The bag was about $35 and my boyfriend bought it for me. It’s a camera bag but it’s so stylish, I’m wearing it everywhere!

Blog Four Color Palette

What kind of advice would you give anyone trying to achieve this look?

Remember that it’s a combination of two different styles! It’s punk but also class so balance out your accessories accordingly. For mine, I chose my spiked bracelet who I got from a loving dear ex co-worker and and the regal earrings I bought from a beauty supply a week after I started the denim vest. (I also DIY’ed that vest, by the way!) Also, don’t be afraid to have a color palette. I think I’m an insane example because everything in my room is a shade of blue from teal to mint green/blue.
Blog ThreeBlog Twoowow-9owow-14

Are you going for this style sometime soon?

Or have a style you’d like to see me shoot for? Drop a comment below and I’ll read them, and check it out! And if you’re really feeling awesome, send me a photo of you rocking your Classy Punk style! I love getting to see people bring out their inner fashionista or fashionister. So, share with me! & Check back next week where we dig deeper into my “closet” for another style.

For now, this fashionista is hasta la vista!