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Heaven In Hiding // Chicago Model Brooce

Have you met Brooce yet?
If you haven’t, let me give you the lowdown. She’s down to earth. She’s got an infectious laugh. She’s one of Jasemine Denise Photography’s 2018 models, and creating couture fantasy looks is how poison. Trapped in a our world, Chicago model Brooce can be better described as a fairy– a majestic creature who has not yet taken full form. Don’t worry. You’ll get to watch her evolution live on JDcom as she unleashes all her wildest creative inhibitions.

Heaven In Hiding // Chicago Model

They always say Heaven is a place on earth with you…

Angels hear it everyday. What they never tell you is that once you step out of heaven’s gates to find your place on earth… You can’t turn back.

They never tell you that if you lose your heaven… That there’s no getting it back. Heaven is a place on earth but on earth there are also other things. There are demons. There is destruction. Once you step down from grace, you are a mortal.. You are someone else’s heaven. You are hiding in the beauty of something you once chased.

It’s not all bad.

Taking the plunge means that you become someone else’s heaven. You are someone else’s light. You bring life to them that they weren’t exactly looking for but are glad they found. Yet, what happens when you become the darkness? What happens when the angel turns her back on paradise and becomes Heaven in Hiding.

Where will you go when you go into hiding?

What do you think? Did you love Brooce’s Look?

She’s wearing the velvet Pentegram Harness in pink from SKG Designs. You can use her discount code “Br00c3” for discounts! Also, you should follow her on Instagram to see the many looks she puts together. Talk about creative. You’ll see her again soon. <3

Visit the SKG Archives for more shoots with clients, brand ambassadors, etc. 

Also, did you catch the trailer for this photoshoot? Created by Ray Collins:

Couples Photography

Bec and Angelo // Chicago Photographer Jasemine Denise

I say it all the time, that I love love. Being a Chicago photographer has changed the way I’ve looked at love. Seriously. I’ve come across every sort of relationship you could think of. There are things about love that never change though. The way a couple shifts nervously for their first photoshoot together. The way they quest for direction but as soon as you’ve snapped the first picture and given them a little space, they’re in their own little world… They’re in love. I never eavesdrop on the voices sweetly talking to one another. I just know that they feel safe. All that being said, this Chicago photographer is proud to bring you…

Bec and Angelo // Love

No matter how long it is, when a couple tells me how long they’ve been together, I’m proud. It typically sounds like I’m shocked because I’m overwhelmed with pride. For Bec and Angelo, it’s been four years. They’re a fun couple. You could seen the connection from a mile away.

It’s one of the most beautiful moments I’ve ever seen when you see people just disappear into their own world, a world they created together.

Aren’t they beautiful?

Do you want this Chicago photographer to photograph you and your partner? Book a session with Jasemine Denise Photography and let’s get you set up with an amazing session so you can share your love with all of your friends and loved ones.

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Family and Maternity Photography

Zuri’s First Birthday // Cake Smash Photoshoot

Most of you don’t know that I don’t just shoot models. Sometimes it’s families, sometimes it’s cosplayers, all the time it’s magic. Today it’s smish-smash, Zuri’s Cake Smash! This isn’t your ordinary cake smash photoshoot. It’s extremely unique because Zuri (officially a year old!) may not like cake? Haha, was that a spoiler alert?

Zuri’s First Birthday // Cake Smash Photoshoot

Let’s just start off by acknowledging that this one year old is an angel. An absolute angel. Her mother Jay, got her the cutest little outfit and there she stood as if she was a runway model in the making, proudly sporting her 1st birthday mermaid onesie!


Now the moment you’ve been waiting for… The cake smash!

Truth be told, I was a little nervous the way Zuri was eyeing this cake. Secret time: It wasn’t just her first cake smash photoshoot, it was mine too. I was nervous as she began to dig in. On first inspection, Zuri seemed confused. Her mother had to show her that it was okay to stick her hand in.

It all seemed well…
Until Zuri realized that she was making a mess on herself.

While most kids are eager to get messy, Zuri is not amused by these antics, and at this point I’m a little shook. What do we do?

We clean her off and let her try again.
At this point, her mom and I are rooting for her.
Come on Zuri.
You got it.

She looks ready!

Ladies and GENTLEMEN,
We have a successful cake smash!

Have you done a cake smash photoshoot yet?

Cake smash photoshoots are completely new to me! I had heard of them but I had never actually experienced one. I think for my first, this was one for the books. I’d like to thank Zuri and her mom Jay for letting me share their experience! Follow Jasemine Denise Photography on Instagram for more photoshoots coming forth and always remember that you can book a photoshoot for your child, yourself, or anyone else by filling out a booking form!

Cosplay Photography

RWBY | Atlanta Cosplayer | Shanice

Atlanta has some amazing cosplayers. I mean, truly amazing. So much so that I’ll be back down there in November for round two, so if you’re in Atlanta, you should book a session. I said all that to say that Shanice is no exception. As a matter of fact, we somehow managed to slay two different cosplay shoots in one day.


Shanice | Atlanta Cosplayer

Shanice is amazing. Honestly, she’s a powerful human being. It’s in her stance, it’s in her vibe, and it’s in her smile. There was no doubt in my mind stepping into the backyard of my good friend Pandora’s land that she was about to bring a look to RWBY like non I’d ever seen before.

What’d you think? Shanice made a fantastic RWBY didn’t she?

You can follow this Atlanta cosplayer on Instagram to check out more of her fantastic cosplays and her fantastic natural hair journey!
If you’re in Atlanta in November, you should book a session because Jasemine Denise Photography is definitely coming back!
I had such a great time shooting Shanice and the rest of the gang, I couldn’t resist.
You can also check out the shoot I did with Ebby which fun fact was shot in the same place this session was!