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Mini Sessions Photography

Mini Session: Kali Neko – Heart Shaped Box

Kali Neko and I have been working together pretty much since my career began. Evolving from a beginning and emerging cosplayer to a full fledge model was an absolutely awesome transformation to witness. Watch Kali step just a small bit out of the realm of cosplay modeling and get open up another side of her in this set called “Heart Shaped Box”. Kali Neko // Heart Shaped Box This set was shot during an SKG weekend almost two years ago.…

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Axent Wear x Kali Neko

Ever since I posted this teaser to Instagram, I’ve been asked a hundred times where the lovely Kali Neko got her Axent Wear cat ear headphones from. You’re welcome.  As soon as Kali whipped these colorful little babies out, I knew exactly what type of shoot this was going to be. Pretty lights, pretty woman, pretty sweet. Note: We are in no way affiliated  or representing Axent Wear… yet.  Kali Neko // Axent Wear In case you didn’t know, Kali is a magical girl. She…

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Cosplay Photography Test Sessions

Dark Link Cosplay Test Session // Happy Birthday Kali Neko!

The last time you actually saw Kali, she was a feral kitten but today she reclaims her cosplay crown as Dark Link. For those of you who are not familiar, Dark Link is a character in The Legend of Zelda. This cosplay comes equipped with one badass cosplayer, her weapon, her shield and a ferocity in her eyes like no other.…

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