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Kali Neko Den of Shadows

Mini Sessions Photography

Mini Session: Kali Neko – Heart Shaped Box

Kali Neko and I have been working together pretty much since my career began. Evolving from a beginning and emerging cosplayer to a full fledge model was an absolutely awesome transformation to witness. Watch Kali step just a small bit out of the realm of cosplay modeling and get open up another side of her in this set called “Heart Shaped Box”. Kali Neko // Heart Shaped Box This set was shot during an SKG weekend almost two years ago.…

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Photography Published

Kali Neko // Published Model – Elizabeth Bathory

I’m always proud to turn our models into published models. These women have worked so hard to create creative and innovative shoots that get approved by editors in magazines. This particular time, Kali Neko, one of our cosplay models put on her thinking cap. She picked a time, a place, and I brought the bath bomb… Together, we brought the magic. Kali Neko // Elizabeth Bathory Featured in Gothesque Issue #51. // Other issues of Gothesque we’ve been published in.…

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Axent Wear x Kali Neko

Ever since I posted this teaser to Instagram, I’ve been asked a hundred times where the lovely Kali Neko got her Axent Wear cat ear headphones from. You’re welcome.  As soon as Kali whipped these colorful little babies out, I knew exactly what type of shoot this was going to be. Pretty lights, pretty woman, pretty sweet. Note: We are in no way affiliated  or representing Axent Wear… yet.  Kali Neko // Axent Wear In case you didn’t know, Kali is a magical girl. She…

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Cosplay Photography Test Sessions

Dark Link Cosplay Test Session // Happy Birthday Kali Neko!

The last time you actually saw Kali, she was a feral kitten but today she reclaims her cosplay crown as Dark Link. For those of you who are not familiar, Dark Link is a character in The Legend of Zelda. This cosplay comes equipped with one badass cosplayer, her weapon, her shield and a ferocity in her eyes like no other.…

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