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ClaustroClothic #40: Nasty Gal Clothing

Last Friday, I did a whole Fan Friday about how in love with Nasty Gal Clothing I was. I told you guys about how I love the fact that their items start at xxs because it helps me feel comfortable about my 00, 4’11 size. Well, I couldn’t tell you guys all about it without doing a ClaustroClothic right? So, ClaustroClothic #40 is Nasty Gal. As always at the end of the shoot, there’s link to all the gear so you can get the look as well!

ClaustroClothic #40: Nasty Gal Clothing

ClaustroClothic - Nasty Gal - Jasemine Denise Photography - Fahsion Blog-2

What Inspired This outfit?

Jasemine Denise - Nasty Gal Clothing

After I got my first Nasty Girl package, I took a look at their Pinterest. I was digging their styles and looks but I felt like it was missing one: A ClaustroClothic look! So, I started piecing together silver and black. I wanted it to be simple, dark, and edgy.  I started with the corset lace top and built the rest of my outfit from there.

What Part of the Outfit was the Most Challenging?
ClaustroClothic - Nasty Gal - Jasemine Denise Photography - Fahsion Blog-3

This time, it was definitely the bag. I don’t typically carry anything outside of my camera bag so it had to be something badass. I got this bag trying to do a luxury look for a black tie event and it fit into this look perfectly! Who says luxury can’t also be edgy?

ClaustroClothic - Nasty Gal - Jasemine Denise Photography - Fahsion Blog-21

Favorite Part of the Outfit?

ClaustroClothic - Nasty Gal - Jasemine Denise Photography - Fahsion Blog-20

Definitely madly in love with the flowy sleeves of the shirt. Just like the white one in my Fan Friday, this shirt gives me this real princess feeling. The corset in it really completes the look especially alongside the collar. Silver on silver on silver. It’s literally amazing.

ClaustroClothic - Nasty Gal - Jasemine Denise Photography - Fahsion Blog-6


Wanna see more of my looks?

Why thank you, I’m honored! You can always follow my Instagram for my outfit of the day posts, and you can subscribe to the blog for inside peeks of the next look!

Get the Look!

H&M – Biker Pants – Black – Ladies • H&M • $17.99
Rag & Bone Floppy Brim Wool Fedora Hat, Black • Rag and Bone • $195
Rampage Quilted-Detail Tote • Rampage • $24.99
Women’s Demonia Swing 220 – Black PU Casual Shoes • Demonia • $91.95
Factory Sheer Genius Lace-Up Top • Nasty Gal • $29
Nasty Gal Savoy Lace-Up Mini Dress • Nasty Gal • $88
Factory Mari Lace Up Top • $47.60
Nasty Gal Harper Lace Up Top • Nasty Gal • $20.40
Collar • Amazon $13.99


ClaustroClothic #41: Strega Fashion

Hey guys, this is the first part of my “Stay warm in the winter” ClaustroClothic section. I’m just discovering how to dress myself in the winter so take this journey with me. Today, we tackle strega fashion. Strega is an Italian word for “witch.” Reminder: you don’t have to be pagan, Wiccan, or practice witchcraft to enjoy the style. I certainly do not do any of those things. This look was created in the spirit of fun and isn’t meant to offend anyone or any culture.

ClaustroClothic #41: Strega Fashion

Strega Fashion - Jasemine Denise-5

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Punk Fashion is Back!

It’s been one hell of a year and a very fashionable one at that but you wouldn’t know that because you haven’t been able to see it here. If you follow me on Tumblr, you’ve been seeing my personal style tag , but you guys have actually commanded that I bring this section of JDcom back. I can’t say no to that… I really can’t.

So. Without further ado, here’s this short blog whilst I write the many coming after it of photoshoots that have been happening. (I still have three days of Halloween to give you. Hahaha I’m terrible I know.)

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Mini Sessions Photography

11/02 | Happy Birthday Ray


Meet Ray. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to tweet him Happy Birthday. I’ve known Ray for nearly a year now and it’s been a cool little year. In that short time, he’s been my assistant, in some cases my photographer, and in almost all cases a really dope friend. This made it easy to come rushing to his aid when he expressed the want to be in front of the camera for the first time in quite a while. (knowingly, rather) Note: This is a test session. It is meant to be short.

Although this was just a test session, it was very fun and amazing. Since it’s his birthday, I felt it was only fair I share this shoot with the world. God knows his friends and family have been anticipating his official shoot since the day I threw up on him at his birthday party last year. Continue Reading