A Summer Reader’s Dream

Did you know I’m a novelist? Did you know I have two books out? Have you been wanting to get a copy but haven’t had the money? Finally, do you have a Kindle or the Kindle app? If you answered yes to any of these questions, guess what? I have something awesome to tell you!

A Summer Reader’s Dream

How was it born?

I was sitting on the bus the other day and I noticed a woman around my age doing the one thing that warms my heart the most… Reading. She was reading intently on her Kindle for the entire bus ride, completely undisturbed. I immediately came home and told my cousin Veronica who had a similar story. Veronica then said to me, “Jaye! I want them to know we appreciate them. Let’s give them something to show them how much seeing them read makes us happy!”  Veronica was excited. She was fueled by passion! Thus, “A Summer Reader’s Dream” was born.

What is it?

For the next week my book, Twisted Illusions and Point of Infliction, Veronica’s book are going to be available on the Kindle for just $2. Yeah, you read that right. $1.99. We know that times are tight. We feel that more than anyone! So for two weeks, it’s your dream deal. All you need is a kindle. I mean, dude! It’s a summer reader’s dream! Minus the list of books your teacher makes you read through the summer. Although… that was kind of fun for me!

What if I don’t have a Kindle?

That’s okay! So both the Apple App Store and the Android’s Gooogle Play Store have Kindle apps. Dope, right? So you can read the book on your phone! The best part about it? It’s free! Isn’t that awesome?

So what’s in it for you guys?


Okay, okay. I’ll spill  on the catch!

So we’re needy! We like people. All we want out of practically giving away our books is for you to tell us what you think! Get your friends involved too! Have them buy the book and tell us what they think too! Amazon only allows Amazon Verified Reviewers to comment their review, but by purchasing a Kindle copy of our books, you’re officially a buyer. If that doesn’t work, you can review her book through her contact email or through mine!

The cool part about sending us a review is that if we hit 15 reviews either singularly or collectively, we’ll drop another book for just ONE DOLLAR! Yeah, that’s right. A dollar! All you have to do is tell us what you think of the book you buy from us!

What if I already have Twisted Illusions?  That’s okay! Have a friend buy it! Buy it for a friend. Buy Point of Infliction instead. It’s great! Or, if you’ve already read the book, give it a review. That still counts and it would still make us very happy.

The Fun Doesn’t Even Just Stop There!

Are you liking Veronica’s Facebook page? Do you follow her on Twitter? Do you have my facebook and my Twitter? Because for the next week, we’re going to have so much dopeness with a side of super awesome book related content that’s going to make you fall absolutely in love with ASRD. You may wanna hashtag it! (As a matter of fact, hashtagging it may win you a free physical signed copy of one of the books!)

What are you waiting for? Get in on all of this!

 Purchase Your Copy of Twisted Illusions | Purchase Your Copy of Point of Infliction 


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