Starbucks Coffee Takeover // Nicky & Trishy

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It’s a quiet night in the back of a cafe. The lights are dim, her head is heavy, and she’s quite sure that she has no idea what to say to him anymore. She loved him. It was apparent from the first day she laid eyes on him. She also knew one day that he’d leave.

Silence is around him as he confesses it in a voice so gentle that she almost didn’t hear him. Three words that she’d remember forever. They toast and he stops take a sip and marvel about how it’s the best coffee he’s ever tasted.Starbucks Coffee Takeover - Jasemine Denise Photography-14

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For the first time in the history of knowing him, she disagrees. It may be the most bitter coffee affair she’d ever attended. How could he leave her? How could he feel so comfortable saying goodbye? He sat his cup down at in front of hers and stared into her eyes. His inquisitive brow sought out for a single demand: What now? For minutes, their eyes danced back and forth until she couldn’t take it anymore. Shamefully, she bowed her head.

With all the strength she can muster, she begins to leave the table.

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“One last kiss?” he asks aloud. She doesn’t speak. A scoff escapes her lips and he knows it’s over. As she is about to head toward the door, she races back toward him. His arms are already open for the inevitable kiss and there she is… Crying in his arms. “Tell me.” She begs. “Tell me that you love me.” She pleas. He looks into her eyes but he knows better. He knows that it’s best for both of them if he just left. He slowly releases her and makes his way to the door. He never looks back. He’s gone.

Though he left, she never did that day. You can find her eternally waiting for him to come back. She may be hiding behind a newspaper but every time the door pings.. Her head rises as she searches for her first love.


Now you finally no the story of the dark cafe.

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As fun as this story is to tell, absolutely none of it is true. Nicky and Trishy met about five seconds before this shoot was started. It was originally Trishy’s shoot but when Nicky sat down across from her, the story was born. You can check Trishy out on her Facebook page! She occasionally posts modeling photos from her endeavors which is always fun! and Nicky is a super rad videographer who has shot me on multiple occasions! You can check him out on both his Facebook page and Tumblr. 


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