Spiderman Photoshoot // Robbie

Okay, remember that scene in Spiderman where James Jameson fired and unfired Peter Parker because he needed more pictures of Spiderman? I’m talking about the moment where Tobey Maguire goes “Can you pay me in advance?” and gets the loudest cackle in response?  That was the most inspiring scene I’ve ever seen in my life. After my first cosplay photoshoot with Kali back in 2014, I made it my mission to shoot a Spiderman photoshoot that wasn’t Spiderman, but was more that scene where Peter Parker had to be the biggest Instagram selfie model in history to get paid. I recently got my dream come true when Robbie stepped onto my balcony, wearing his Spiderman onesie.

Spiderman Photoshoot// Robbie 

Okay but picture this: There’s a Spiderman Photoshoot going on above you and you think it’s a hoax but it’s really Spider-Man, he’s just in his PJs.

Duty Calls! Happy Halloween Month by the way!

Stay tuned because there are so many different costume looks coming your way. All month there will be mountains of amazing behind the scenes, costumes and more.

You can see the behind the scenes of this shoot itself by pledging your support to the Jasemine Denise Photography Patreon. Learn how we took this from a light “spiderman onesie” idea to an full on glamour selfie.

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