Senior Portrait Session: Vera | Flossmoor, IL

Recent senior year graduate Vera Dureke celebrated her victory by having a mini session with me and I was beyond proud of her. I was even more proud when she had agreed to let me photograph her for her first photo session ever! Believe me when I say that Vera is the G O D D E S S of photogenic.

Who is Vera?

Portrait Session Vera 3

Just to give you guys a little back story on this beautiful soon-to-be college freshman, she is a skilled artist who is phenomenal at something called wood burning. I’d never heard of it but when she showed me her work I was immediately impressed. She recently finished a stunning elephant piece for a teacher. Aside from finishing her senior year in Floosmoor, she spends her spare time co-administrating “Sumus Orbis” which is a very well put together page showcasing the alternative black girl community. They only redistribute the most high quality, remarkable photos of women. Sumus Orbis has quickly became one of the most popular pages on Facebook.

I remember my senior year, I reminisced as we prepared for the shoot. I graduated class of 2010 in Lansing Michigan but I don’t remember looking as phenomenal as Vera did in this session! The shoot started in the downtown area of Floosmor before it took a venture down memory lane. Although Vera was concluding her senior year, she could still recall memories of her middle school as we frolicked through entryway of it.

Protip: Don’t ever ask Vera to frolic.

Senior Portrait Vera 4 Portrait Session Vera 2
Senior Portrait Vera 3 Senior Portrait Vera 5Portrait Session 4 Senior Portrait Vera 2 Senior Portrait Vera 6

Where to Find Vera

There Vera has finished her senior year, she is far from done with school. How can you keep up with her antics? She runs a lovely Tumblr blog where she relishes in her admiration for Janelle Monae and approaches perspectives on the African American culture.  She also takes orders for her wood burning so check her out!


So what have I been up to?

I took a short break to focus on my midterms and straighten JDcom out. A few blogs have been removed and huge changes are being made. The floor is open for booking again so feel free to contact me.

Until then, this fashionista is hasta la vista. 😉

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