From Scene Queen to Snow Queen.

Scene Queen To Snow Queen

So, you guys remember the MySpace days, right? ::crickets:: Oh come on, you know you do! Don’t be ashamed of it! Back when everything was glam, glitz, and fierce. Most scene kids had a screename with at least three Xs in it and AIM was what was happening. Curveball: Scene is everything Mandy is not but we thought we’d have some fun this time around. So, the shoot starts off with that girl that everyone wanted to be… That scene queen with the grr face but transforms into a real model.

You should’ve seen the girls’ face when I told them about this… Oh wait.

Mandy Hamil - Snow Queen- Jasemine Denise Photography-2

Okay, so maybe it was a bit crazy to dress an amazing cosplay model up in a 2001- esque tutu with glitter lips in like 20 degree weather… Believe me when I say that it was totally worth it!

The Scene Queen

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Snow Queen - Less Blue-7

See, she wasn’t that cold! Now for the Second Snow Queen!

After we got Mandy out of the freezing cold world of a really small tutu and her glittery lips, she decided to try on a more sophisticated grown model look. See the trick is, as a younger person… We just want to be a star. We don’t care the consequences, the cold, etc… As we get older, we learn that you can still be just as infamous and gorgeous but be even warmer. Here’s the Mandy everyone is used to seeing, reclaiming her professional model style.

It was an instant hit…. as you can see!

Scene Model Backseat Pose-2

Scene Model Backseat Pose-3

Winter Scene Watermarked Teaser

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Isn’t she gorgeous? 

This is the first Monthly Dose of the beautiful Many that you’ll be getting, but this definitely isn’t her first shoot! As a matter of fact, it’s her third. The first one is from Halloween last year! Stay tuned and don’t forget to follow Mandy on Instagram! 

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