Punk’s Not Dead | Chicago Portrait Session

A DJ, a model, and most importantly, a reminder that punk’s not dead. It’s just taking a smoke break! Erin’s portrait session had everything from retro to records to rivers to rooftops. Not to mention, one dope lady rocker to slay the whole scene. How’d she remind remind me of the old phrase “Punk’s not dead?” Simple, she took a smoke break.

Punk’s Not Dead, It’s Just Taking a Smoke Break.


We constantly trash the scene of punk because of what we’ve perceived as genuine punk as opposed to what is perceived as poser punk. It used to be a rebellion, we’d say. It’s a style now. yet, here’s this punk girl living her awesomely with a day job and a knowledge of where to spend the Friday night. She wasn’t posing for their session, I merely accompanied her onto her roof for a smoke break. Here, I caught a glimpse of what I’d looked up to when I romanticized an independent living.

Who is Erin?


What sets Erin apart from other models is how laid back she is. She’s a DJ, a model and a hilarious person. She’s genuinely comfortable to be around. She even interned in New York City as a fashion designer! Yet, the presence in front of the camera is subtle and comfortable as she invites you into a world of punk bands, shaved sides and rooftops.

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Being in Erin’s bedroom brought back memories of my teeny bopper Nsync days. Yeah, I was a huge fan. If you deep sea dive through the internet, you may even be able to find some of it! Anyway, after canoodling through Erin’s mint punk record collection, she lounged out for an awesome set. Soft music played from the stereo. There was no “When should we start?” It merely occurred.



Soon after, she took me onto the roof of her place and to be honest, I felt for the first time I was living the life that people dream of when they dream of Chicago. the skyline, the afternoon chill, and the faint scent of a stomped out cigarette surrounded as Erin pushed her heart shaped glasses up her nose and sat back.

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That’s when I realized punk’s not dead it’s just taking a smoke break. It may feel long but after Erin flicked that cigarette butt out, she wanted to take me to one more location. It was this nice, hiden, spot where she showed off her tattoos and we merely just sat. It was natural, real, and glamorous.

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