Punk Fashion is Back!

It’s been one hell of a year and a very fashionable one at that but you wouldn’t know that because you haven’t been able to see it here. If you follow me on Tumblr, you’ve been seeing my personal style tag , but you guys have actually commanded that I bring this section of JDcom back. I can’t say no to that… I really can’t.

So. Without further ado, here’s this short blog whilst I write the many coming after it of photoshoots that have been happening. (I still have three days of Halloween to give you. Hahaha I’m terrible I know.)

What is ClaustroClothic?

The Return of ClaustroClothic - Jasemine Denise-4

It’s literally me standing in front of the camera showing off my closet. I thrift a lot, I mix and match a lot, and I’m always trying to make a theme. (The one you’re seeing through out this blog was like a preppy Tank Girl but.. with plaid because you know.. I love that stuff.) I’ve even done a male version of this. 

To answer a few questions:

What kind of styles will I be featuring? I mostly wear punk fashion or things that I’ve converted into a punk look but that’s not all I’ll be wearing. I plan to branch out and make this a learning experience. I have enough clothes to really push all of the envelope so that’s what I plan to do!

There will be collaborations this time. You guys asked for it continuously last time and it was very difficult reaching out to people who felt like they could squad up for it. That’s going to change if it’s the last thing I do. I promise that you’ll see some cooler fashionable people than just me. If that’s something you’re interested in and you’re serious about it.. Let’s get together and work out a fit. I photograph, you fashion, let’s get it.

I will always accredit what I can. I want you guys to feel inspired. I want this to make you want to venture into stores you’ve never been in before so I’m more than willing to share the wealth with you. So look forward to the bottom of posts and the footnotes of my fashion. If there’s anything you’re curious about that didn’t get credited, don’t hesitate to comment and ask me. I’ll help in any way I can.

ClaustroClothics go live every other Saturday. If you sign up for the newsletter for the blog, you’ll know exactly what the next one is before it even launches.

I AM NOT paid by any company to endorse their clothing or post about it on my website. At this very moment, everything I’ve posted to date I’ve bought or made. (Sans the occasional gift).  I’m sorry to disappoint all those who thought I was making bank every time you looked at an article of clothing I was wearing. Haha. Because I wasn’t.

What to expect:

The Return of ClaustroClothic - Jasemine Denise-8The Return of ClaustroClothic - Jasemine Denise-9

Squad poses. Me on top of cars. Very unconventional spots. Up close photos of me that may be positioned very awkwardly to put emphasis on certain clothing patterns. I promise to stop putting the plaid pants in every other outfit but I can’t promise that I won’t over-wear this hat this winter.

The Return of ClaustroClothic - Jasemine Denise-7

Me to constantly ask you what you think I should do next. I love challenges so I’d love to know what you guys see me trying to make happen. This is something that I created because everyone was always telling me “I had a cool style” so without everyone, there is no creative input. I’ll in turn give you guys challenges and post the best ones!


What am I wearing right now?

The Return of ClaustroClothic - Jasemine Denise-2

I don’t know where I got this hat. I mean, I know my mother got it for me but I don’t know where it came from. My infamous plaid amazing pants/capris are from Ebay and are Tripp brand capris.  I actually have two pairs but I definitely wanna spring for a third and get a pair of actual pants.  The creep shirt is on clearance right now at H&M.  (It glows in the dark!) I actually never really saw the appeal to H&M until Ray started bringing me in there. Now, I’m beyond impressed. They actually have some great accents for the average dark dresser. They also give you a 20% of discount coupon if you sign up for their newsletter. (Ray’s actually wearing some of the men’s line in his test shoot with me. Woo!)

The Return of ClaustroClothic - Jasemine Denise-10

My shoes… Came from Discovery Clothing and are surprisingly very comfortable.


Are you ready for the return?

Feel free to shoot me an email if you’d like to start collaborating on looks, if you have anything you’d like to see me wearing or if you’d like to share something with me! ClaustroClothic has returned.

Stay fashionable.

xo Jasemine-Denise


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    December 20, 2015 at 7:54 pm

    I absolutely LOVE the amount of confidence and passion that overflows in your photos! Your blog posts make me so happy!

  • Reply
    Diana Villa
    December 21, 2015 at 10:20 am

    I totally love you style and the photos are stunning! I love your boots 😀

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