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Fashion Blog | ClaustroClothic #22: Bratty Attitude

November 10, 2018 2 min read No Comments
This fashion blog in the ClaustroClothic Collection is brought to you by Bratty Attitude by the Pink Slips.

ClaustroClothic # : Bratty Attitude

What inspired this look?

I’ve been trying to take back the power in pink!

When I was little, I hated pink. Not the singer, she’s actually one of my favorites ever. The color itself on the other hand, was one of my least. Pink was synonymous with Princesses and Damsels and I never aspired to be that.

So, over the past few years, specifically ever since I started a fashion blog which became an entire section of my Tumblr,.. I’ve been trying to take back the power in pink. I knew I wanted to keep all the elements of my punk style just with some pure pink greatness.

How did I put it together?

From there, it was finding the look. Since it’s getting cold in the city, I wanted something to protect my natural hair. Weave N Luxury is my go-to for wigs. They last forever if you haven’t noticed by my red and black wig. I told her that I wanted something pink. Didn’t actually specify what I wanted.

When she brought me the wig, I was in love. I knew instantly that it matched one of my favorite punk crop jackets I’ve made to date.

Let’s Talk Accessories.

I can’t remember the last time I haven’t styled a harness into my looks. When SKG released that new Vegan Collection, with the option of pink vegan leather, I knew it was over for me.

The Lydia Collar is one of my go tos, I have it in multiple colors. It’s subtle, it’s spiked, and it’s comfortable. The thing I love most about vegan leather collars is that when I sweat, they don’t feel weird on my body. Perfect for the summer or shows where it’s just a little too cramped.

The Aurora full body Harness is a new one for me. I don’t own too many full body elastic harnesses. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with them. I’ve seen them look amazing on everybody. I ordered mine custom colored from

Finally, the shoes. Oh the shoes.. I’m a huge fan of unique shoes. One of my absolute favorite brands ever is Iron Fist. I love them so much in fact that I did an entire look based off of them. These particular ones were an Ebay find and of course I had to have them because they were pink! They fit the look perfectly.

Stay Tuned!

There’s another pink look coming soon. You get more of the vegan collection of SKG in it too. In the meantime, make sure you follow me on Instagram to see my daily looks! As it gets colder outside, hopefully I’m gonna be showing you some warmer looks. I mean after all, there’s an entire fashion blog section of this website, right?

Gabbie and Raymond // Fall Photoshoot

November 3, 2018 1 min read No Comments
Every year Gabbie and Raymond have a fall photoshoot and every year I fall more and more in love with my friends. This year is just a tad bit different because they’re married now!

Gabbie and Raymond // Fall Photoshoot

The beauty of a fall photoshoot is that the leaves start changing and every single moment just looks like it was created to be cinematic. While Gabbie and Raymond got married back in July, they always have a fall photoshoot and it’s always adorable.

Fall Photoshoot - Jasemine Denise Photography

Aren’t they seriously beautiful?

Do you want your own fall photoshoot? You don’t have to bring your husband. It can be just you, your family, your dog, whatever! All you have to do is fill out a booking form and tell me what day you want to shoot! My next travel cities are Philly and New York! You can also pledge to our Patreon to score a raffle ticket for a free session!



Happy Halloween! Bride of Frankenstein

October 31, 2018 1 min read No Comments

Happy Halloween Kings and Queens. Every year we have a halloween photoshoot boudoir and there’s always an outstanding modeling job by a model that ends up making me wanna cry. Last year, we had Kalika’s Scream, the year before, Gabbie killed her now husband Raymond.. This year, Cosplay Sass and their partner Angelo are…

The Bride of Frankenstein // Cosplay Sass and Angelo
Halloween Photoshoot

I love this Bride of Frankenstein photoshoot so much because Cosplay Sass painted both themselves and their partner and it just looks beautiful!

The Groom:

The Bride:

Oh! Better close the door, the honeymoon is about to begin!

If you head on over to Patreon, there’s a super special version of this that is not necessarily safe for work waiting for you. We had to make a tremendously creative makeshift bride of Frankenstein lingerie for them, made completely out of medical gauze.. There’s some behind the scenes too. You don’t wanna miss that!

Until next time, keep it spooky. You know we will.

Spiderman Photoshoot // Robbie

October 1, 2018 1 min read No Comments

Okay, remember that scene in Spiderman where James Jameson fired and unfired Peter Parker because he needed more pictures of Spiderman? I’m talking about the moment where Tobey Maguire goes “Can you pay me in advance?” and gets the loudest cackle in response?  That was the most inspiring scene I’ve ever seen in my life. After my first cosplay photoshoot with Kali back in 2014, I made it my mission to shoot a Spiderman photoshoot that wasn’t Spiderman, but was more that scene where Peter Parker had to be the biggest Instagram selfie model in history to get paid. I recently got my dream come true when Robbie stepped onto my balcony, wearing his Spiderman onesie.

Spiderman Photoshoot// Robbie 

Okay but picture this: There’s a Spiderman Photoshoot going on above you and you think it’s a hoax but it’s really Spider-Man, he’s just in his PJs.

Duty Calls! Happy Halloween Month by the way!

Stay tuned because there are so many different costume looks coming your way. All month there will be mountains of amazing behind the scenes, costumes and more.

You can see the behind the scenes of this shoot itself by pledging your support to the Jasemine Denise Photography Patreon. Learn how we took this from a light “spiderman onesie” idea to an full on glamour selfie.

Mini Session Monday // Male Model Robbie

September 3, 2018 2 min read No Comments

This male model shoot is a part of the mini sessions hosted at Jasemine Denise Photography. Each month, we give away a free mini session to people who want to get their feet wet in getting photos taken without modeling. To enter, all you have to do is pledge $5 or more to our Patreon.. You’ll also get free prints!

Meet Robbie // Chicago Male Model |
Mini Session Monday

I first met Robbie five years ago at a birthday party. We both laughed about the circumstances of how we met exactly, but I knew in that moment that he.. He was a male model in the making. Coincidentally, I’ve met a few of my models that way. Seeing the potential in them before they could really see it in themselves but hanging back until they found themselves.

Robbie is no ordinary male model. He’s my favorite kind. The type of man who wears his interests on his sleeve. It’s no secret that I’m into fashion and fingerling collectively. His fan moments are subtly intertwined in his shoots (in this one, if you look closely enough, he’s wearing a Flash button down) but his slay face… That’s strong.

Robbie normally has curly hair, framing his jawline and features but this particular session, we had Rayshone, the owner and creator behind Weave N Luxury here and she gave him a mini hair makeover. He fell in love and honestly, we did too.

Are you crazy about Robbie yet?

Don’t worry, next time he’ll be back on the same rooftop but as Spiderman. While you’re waiting you can follow him on Instagram to watch his journey as a male model evolve! He’s also not the only male model we picked up this year. Subscribe to the blog and keep your eyes peeled for more sessions.

ClaustroClothic #23: Good Girls – Alternative Fashion

September 1, 2018 2 min read No Comments

I read a t-shirt once that I’ve wanted for years.. It says Good Girls Go To Heaven, bad girls get backstage. If you ever met me, you know I’m no stickler for the rules. However, I’ve only ever been arrested once, never snuck out as a kid, and for the most part got along pretty well with my teachers. So, I guess in some ways.. Depending on the societal definition, I can be a “good girl.” In terms of alternative fashion, I’m always trying to break the rules. Who said good girls can’t do bad things?

This post is a part of the pink archives, and contains “sponsor links”, which are really just links for you to go and purchase things I’m wearing.

ClaustroClothic #23: Good Girls // Alternative Fashion

What Inspired This Outfit?

It’s no secret that this past year, I’ve been focused on bringing my colors to my closet. However, there are certain elements of fashion I’ve been nervous to wear over the years. Examples: pink, jeans, and graphic tees. Outside of band tees, I’ve never been a t-shirt type of girl. Too plain.

Yet this year, I’ve been trying to do simple looks as well as intricate ones. Letting the fashion speak for itself, through means of coordination.

Good Girls Club tee from Forever 21

How it felt when I first put it on.

I felt like a street fashion blogger. The ones that you see standing in Times Square just slaying our lives like it’s their professional job..

What was the best part of this outfit?

Every bit of it coordinates all the way down to my phone case. The aesthetic was literally pastel pink and black, with a dash of punk. Alternative fashion to me has always been about going out of the norm, even if it just mean tip toeing out of the norm a bit.

My Spiked Lydia Collar from SKG Designs was like the finishing touch.

Wanna see more of my looks?

I’m gonna be slaying hella looks this autumn. It’s one of my favorite seasons and I’ve got a lot to share. Follow me on Instagram to see my daily looks, and subscribe to the blog to see more outfits in your email the moment they drop! Until next time, stay good. Or bad. Whatever suits your fancy babe.


Chicago Engagement Photoshoot // Ymani and TJ

August 29, 2018 2 min read No Comments

By the time you read this, this engagement photoshoot will be the beginning blossom of a beautiful marriage between TJ and Ymani. It’s no surprise that I love engagement photoshoot sessions. Love is one of my favorite loves. I’m pretty sure, this session will forever be one of my favorites too.

Chicago Engagement Photoshoot // Ymani and TJ.

I say it all the time. There’s only one thing I love more than photographing people… That’s photographing people in love. There’s something about that starting moment when they’re nervous.. They need posing, and you put a little pressure on them by saying “I don’t know! What do you think?” They make eye contact and either they look back at you nervously or they start laughing. Let me let you in on a little secret, that’s how us photographers break the ice.

Ymani and TJ.. they nailed that. That initial eye contact broke all facade of nervousness and brought forth the Street Fighter competition jokes immediately. I mean, if you’re not asking your fiance who their main is.. Are you even really gaming?

You know what I can’t get enough of during an engagement photoshoot? When the couple can’t get enough of each other. 

The Sun started setting on our engagement photoshoot, but that didn’t stop the beauty that poured out of these two..

Did you fall in love a little yourself? Don’t worry, me too!

Jasemine Denise Photography books both weddings and engagement photography sessions. Do you need an engagement photoshoot? You still have time! Head on over to Jasemine Denise Photoraphy and book a session!You can also pledge to our Patreon to score a raffle ticket for a free session.

I even did Ymani’s NOLA themed Bridal Shower! It was beautiful. A happy Congratulations to such a gorgeous couple on their wedding day.

See more engagement & couple sessions from JDP. >> 


Incredibles Cosplay // Frozone and Elastigirl

August 16, 2018 2 min read No Comments
Have you seen the Incredibles 2 yet? If so you’re going to fall in love with this photoshoot done by two amazing Chicago models, Vera and BecSpoiler alert: There’s totally a super suit. Check out this Incredibles cosplay!

Incredibles Cosplay // Frozone and ElastiGirl
Vera and Bec // Jasemine Denise Photography

Let me start off by saying, I haven’t seen Incredibles 2 yet. I still haven’t seen that new Toy Story. I’m late to everything because I spend all my time photographing. Yet, my cosplayers keep me updated on everything I’ve missed. So, don’t spoil it for me!

ElastiGirl // Cosplay Sass

As this point, Bec — better known as Cosplay Sass is a cosplay veteran at Jasemine Denise Photography. They did a collaboration with Brittany as Spinelli from Recess. Devoted to their craft, this is actually Bec’s second Elastigirl costume. We shot the first one at Anime Central, but ever the progressor, they brought out an entirely new one for this shoot.. even making the logo themselves!

Vera // Frozone

You’ve seen Vera here at JDcom before, last month actually. I do believe this is the first time you’ve seen her in cosplay with us though! It won’t be the last though because she just signed onto the cosplay roster for the Fall of 2018!

In case you have not noticed yet, the girl is gorgeous. 


Together, These two are INCREDIBLE.

Did you fall completely in love?

This Incredibles Cosplay makes me so proud. It’s among other fantastic cosplays I’ve shot this year. I love doing cosplay photoshoots. Some have been on location and completely wild while others have been in the studio and completely glam!

Remember that you can book a cosplay photoshoot or literally any photoshoot at any time!

Follow Vera | Follow Bec | Follow Jasemine Denise Photography 

ClaustroClothic #24: The Great Gristly // Featuring Iron Fist

August 11, 2018 3 min read No Comments
A few years back, it was probably 2013.. I walked into a thrift store and found this bag. The purse was ripped up and gathered but it was gorgeous. It has this werewolf face and I fell in love. Through my few moves these past few years, I lost the bag but the brand name stuck with me for years. Iron Fist. I promised myself when I got my fashionable life back together, I’d go out for that bag. 5 years later, I’ve got something better.

ClaustroClothic #24: The Great Gristly

Our Clothes Are Our Armor against The World – Adriano Goldschmied

Yes, for those who are curious this is a more business casual look. Much like the last one I created, I have to emphasize that even when you’re being subtle.. You can put it all into your accessories. Everywhere I go, my punk fashion has been a staple even if it was subtle. Today, all of the elements of limited to that one brand.. Iron Fist.

What Inspired This Outfit?

The Iron Fist shoes. They’re little werwolves and that was the base concept of the outfit. I wanted to find a look that fit the same color scheme so that I was subtly matching my shoes. It didn’t take long.
Once I got the shoes locked down, I went on a hunt for the big tote bag from Iron Fist that I carried around for a few years, proud to have a piece that was so real and so my style.. No luck.Yet, I did find a smaller version of it.. It was just as cute, but it was kinda classy too. It caught my attention immediately. After all, It was only $10. If the shoes was the bark, this bag was the bite.
Red and black is one of my favorite color combinations, especially since I got my hands on that custom colored wig from Weave N Luxury. I’ve had this wig for a little over a year, even styling it in a few ClaustroClothics past.. It’s lasted me so long but that’s a different story for a different day!

Where do I get my Clothes?

Ever wonder how the hell I’m affording all these accessories and clothes to go with my outfits? I’m gonna be real with you. No sponsor links, no referral codes, just 100% honestly. It’s really important to me that I somehow managed to get both Iron Fist pieces on two different websites so I figured, I’d share my top 3 online secondhand spots to shop!
  • Depop has been my jam for the last year. If I want secondhand name brand stuff, that’s my go to. Searching names of brands and following popular instagram users makes it easy to shop my actual aesthetic. I also have a Depop.
  • Poshmark: is a little newer to me, but it’s where I bought these shoes and they got to my apartment in three days flat, from another seller who left a lovely card.
  • Ebay: I’ve been an Ebay buyer/seller since 2007 and what a magnificent time it’s been. I stray away for a few years but then when I come back, it’s always worth it!
Brands Featured in This Look: 

H&M (Divided), Discovery Clothing, SKG Designs, Iron Fist, and Weave N Luxury.

What Other Business Professional Looks have I done so far?

Are you into alternative fashion but don’t know what to do? Don’t worry babe! I’ve got more looks cooked up for you and more on the way! <3
Don’t forget to follow my Instagram for daily looks! 

Vera // Boudoir // Lovely Lady Lemon

July 29, 2018 1 min read No Comments

Have you been following the Jasemine Denise Photography Instagram page? If you have, then you know that we hosted our second annual SKG x JDP boudoir photoshoot recently! A bunch of amazing Kings and Queens styled some Shop Kinky Girly gear into their boudoir looks and well… It blew my mind. All July there will be different photoshoots releasing between here and the Empire, a Patreon exclusive place to view NSFW work from the JDP models. I hope you’re ready because I’m personally still not ready.

Disclaimer: Before you pass judgement on anyone featured in this post, remember that this is an artistic boudoir Session. 

Vera // Boudoir // Lovely Lady Lemon

Vera was one of my first ever clients.. Before I even considered myself a boudoir photographer. It was her senior high school portraits that we shot together first. She had told me she had an interest in cosplaying, fashion, and becoming a model. It’s been about four years since then..

Vera is wearing the Gladys Harness from SKG Designs, available in 11 different elastic colors!

Isn’t she lovely?

You can see more of the wonderful modeling that Vera has done by following her on Instagram (and following JDP too!) This boudoir photoshoot was shot during the SKGxJDP weekend which may not come around again for a while, but you can book a boudoir photoshoot with Jasemine Denise Photography anytime. All you have to do is book a session!

Until next time Kings and Queens!

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