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I’m Jasemine, in case you didn’t know. I travel as a photographer, I write novels that I swear are better than my personal instagram narratives , and fashion is my favorite off duty hobby. I live life like a rockstar, and every photoshoot is like performing in my favorite city.

Catch up on our latest photoshoots, my craziest looks, and if you want.. You can even learn a little more about me.


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Top 5 Reasons To Celebrate Cosplay Sass

February 8, 2019 2 min read 7 Comments

Today is the birthday of our beloved Cosplay Sass. Today, they are 24 and I just have to celebrate how proud of them I am. In case you don’t know Bec, the face behind Cosplay Sassthey’re an incredible human being. I want you to know just how great they are.

#01: They taught me about gender non-comformity.


I remember I was driving them home from a shoot when they said “Hey, Jasemine. By the way, my pronouns are They/Them.” My response was huh?? I had never heard that. They didn’t frown and judge me, they simply explained what being non binary meant, considering it was the first of many times in my life I’d ever heard of it. I remember when I was struggling to correctly use the pronoun, they said: “Imagine it as if I’m two different people,” and that has taught me a lesson that has paid off for years to come.

#02: Their Cosplays are freaking amazing!

Collaborating with them is fun, I’ve done it myself and I’ve witnessed other people do it as well. The solo cosplays Bec has done have been incredible. They really go the extra mile. From building up the Hades wig to picking the most sassy characters, they are the embodiment of Cosplay Sass.

#03: Their relationship with their partner is the cutest.

Seriously, Angelo is such a supportive and truly amusing person. He’s always right around the corner from Bec making sure their cosplays look perfect from body paint to the position of the balloons in this birthday shoot. They’ve done shoots together in and out of cosplay now. I always joke that I know I’ve made it because a photo I’ve taken is really on a pillow!


04: They have so many talents.

Bec is tremendously talented. Outside of creating amazing cosplays, they also do crosttitching which is hilarious because their Etsy Shop is definitely called Crossed Stitch Sass. For my birthday, they made me an amazing framed embroidered sign and the stickers they’ve made are amazing! I just found out too that they can do ballet!

05: They’re an amazing friend.

I can’t even describe in the time that I’ve known them all the amazing things they’ve done for team and me personally. Our company has a fog machine because of them… Comes complete with a fog man too. For me, they’ve always been super supportive and I can’t help but laugh when they’re around.

Wish them a Happy birthday and also:

Follow Cosplay Sass: Instagram / Facebook / Twitter Patreon

Gabbie The Riveter // Boudoir Photoshoot

February 3, 2019 2 min read 2 Comments

I told you Kings and Queens on Instagram that I’d be sharing more boudoir photoshoot sessions this month. I mean, it’s Valentine’s Day and it’s not all about loving your partner. It’s about loving yourself too. Expect to see some more boudoir photoshoot magic throughout the course of the month! Today, it’s the amazing Gabbie the Riveter.

Gabbie the Riveter // Boudoir Photoshoot

I always try to give you guys some advice about how to have a successful boudoir photoshoot. Today’s advice: Have a theme. For Gabbie, she was Rosie the Riveter. At the time and even know, Gabbie was always uneasy about boudoir photoshoot sessions. She was nervous as any woman would be, but she came back this time and expressed the

Can you see it? The confidence literally unfolding throughout this boudoir photoshoot?

As you get comfortable during a boudoir photoshoot, I can confirm that you completely forget that the camera is even around. To capture these moments, I literally climbed into the bathtub and hid myself behind the towels so all that this Queen saw was a camera.. waiting to capture her beauty.

A boudoir photoshoot is all about letting your hair down. Sometimes figuratively, and sometimes literally.

What happens after you let your hair down?

The rest of the way that a boudoir photoshoot goes is all up to you.You are the one that guides the narrative to the art of expressing your confidence in your body. If you’re really curious about the way this boudoir photoshoot ended up, there’s a second part going live on Patreon tonight. Wanna let your own hair down?

Book a Boudoir photoshoot with Jasemine Denise Photography. 

Cosplay Sass // Buffy The Vampire Slayer Cosplay

January 31, 2019 2 min read 24 Comments

This was featured on Cosplay Sass’s blog first, but I couldn’t help but share it. Do you remember the first Buffy The Vampire Slayer cosplay photoshoot I shared? I was Nikki Wood, the mother of Principal Wood and the infamous Slayer victim of New York. or years, I imagined having a badass cosplay partner who was going to really show out. Cosplay Sass did it.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Cosplay // Nikki and Spike.

The year is 1977 and the fight begins in a train car. Spike (Cosplay Sass) approached Nikki, with a rail that he broke off from the train car with vampire strength. Nikki, our sworn Vampire killing leader, was undeterred. A fight ensued.. and honestly, it looks like our beloved slayer may have the upper hand.

She missed that kick and Spike had no problems taking his shot. They fight. It goes down… Arms swinging, rails railing..

While we don’t wanna admit it… We all know how it ends.

Spike not only leaves triumphant, he leaves with Nikki’s beloved leather coat.. becoming a forever piece of the man that Spike is.

Behind the Scenes of the Buffy The Vampire Slayer Cosplay.

This almost didn’t get done. Cosplay Sass stayed on me about it. We got up early and rode the Chicago Transit Authority line to O’Hare and waited for everyone to get off. I’m not gonna lie, my heart thudded in my chest when a worker came to clean up and her eyes met ours. I smiled, still standing in fight stance and gave her a slight thumbs up. She laughed, shook her head, and kept the door open for us.. so that when we were done.. We could get off.

Bec’s look is brought to you by their awesome cosplay skills and the Xylia belt created by SKG Designs! That’s how you seriously bring a look together.


As for me, I had all the elements of my Nikki Wood preserved for a time like that. I was so ecstatic for this but determined to stay angry looking. So, I had to do some serious fake eyebrow drawing so that my eyebrows would stay frowned. It was incredible and terrifying all at once. This was a hell of an experience. I love collaborating with Cosplay Sass so hopefully we get to do it again soon.

Follow Cosplay Sass: Instagram / Facebook / Twitter Patreon

Do you have a friend you want to do a cosplay collab with?

I’m READY!! Do you have a cosplay you’re dying to shoot? Jasemine Denise Photography is booking photoshoots of all kinds or 2019. JDP will also be floating back around the Chicago Comic Con 2019. No clue what kind of photoshoot to book? That’s okay. Poke around the portfolio and see what inspires you!


ClaustroClothic #20: Little Black Dress // Vintage Fashion

January 19, 2019 2 min read 4 Comments

ClaustroClothic #20: The Little Black Dress.

When I was younger, I had a huge thing for the aesthetic of what I thought Sex and The City was all about. Fancy women running around, asserting their empowerment… Probably wearing a little black dress. As I got older, I realized that what I was actually enjoying the aesthetic of was Girlfriends, which was our version of Sex and The City. I thought I wanted to be a lawyer in college after taking one semester of Business Law. It would be my excuse to walk into a room full of people in a little black dress everyday, but as I got older, it became difficult to find the dress that I felt was the dress. 

I found my little black dress at the thrift store. I wanted something simple that hugged my curves and honey… It took forever. I didn’t want a super swooping neckline and I thought that was an easy stipulation… Was it ever easy? Is it? As I thought deeper, it had to be a dress perfect for all occasions and all hairstyles too. It had to really speak for me when I stepped into a room. In addition to it making me look aw dropping, I needed it to be durable. Let’s be honest. I was never gonna be a lawyer, but I knew I was gonna be a photographer. I needed to know I could bend in this dress without flashing the world.

The stretch fabric in this material started screaming my name the moment I slipped into it. So I can bend, I can sit, and still look amazing doing it? Perfect! From there, it was about styling myself with it. I wanted to look like a vintage pinup girl slipped her way into modern day and may kill you if you stand close enough. Whenever I thought vintage as a little girl, I envisioned having a round bag. That to me was when you know you’ve truly made it. Going through Marshall’s one day, I found a Nichole Miller makeup bag. I’d seen quite a few Nichole Miller bags, but I’d never seen something so great and the nameplate was ROSE GOLD.


Digging it?

I love this look. I’m probably gonna wear it five hundred times with the coming of the new year. In case you’re trying to figure out what sort of little black dress is perfect for you, check out this and this. They’re helpful info graphics to look at dresses based on your body type.


Vera & Josh Chicago Engagement Photoshoot

December 30, 2018 2 min read 4 Comments

An engagement shoot feels so surreal when you’ve known the couple so long. I met Vera her senior of high school and was introduced to Josh years later at a photoshoot. The first thing that got me about Josh was that he was the most amped up boyfriend ever. He made sure Vera had everything she needed for her shoot. As time went on, so did their relationship.

Josh and Vera // Chicago Engagement Photoshoot.

The idea to have their engagement shoot in downtown Chicago was mine and while it was a little over ten degrees this day, I don’t regret a single moment of it. Shot shortly after Josh’s birthday, the couple was definitely dressed to impress. Never paying a single regard to the onlookers around them, Josh and Vera were fully immersed in each other.

There is never an illusion between these two to me. While Josh will make a joke that will cause both of us to break into laughter, Vera will roll her eyes and jab him playfully. Yet, years of getting to know them truly unfolded their dynamic. While she’s rolling her eyes, Vera is smiling softly, endearingly almost as Josh continues to joke around. She’ll watch him with knowing eyes.. Something I had seen in many relationships my friends were in.

When Josh and Vera got engaged, I was there. The engagement was framed as a Black Panther photoshoot reshoot where Josh dropped to his knee and nervously asked her hand. It was beautiful. A couple weeks later, I had the vision. A Downtown Chicago engagement photoshoot…. Nothing but a beautiful black couple dripping in excellence as they walked down the street.

As it would turn out, we didn’t walk anyway. We didn’t have to. As we stood, me shivering underneath the Chicago theater, the lights illuminated the beauty of these two as they simply reveled in the love of each other.

Do you live in Chicago and want your own Chicago Engagement Session?

I mean, you can book any sort of session you want! Chicago’s my hometown so I have tons of good location recommendations. Book your session with Jasemine Denise Photography today! Not ready yet? Don’t feel bad. Check out the couple’s portfolio and see more work I’ve done with couples.

ClaustroClothic #19: Normal People Scare Me // Alternative Fashion

December 29, 2018 3 min read No Comments

ClaustroClothic #19: Normal People Scare Me.

Lately, I’ve been reacquainting myself with the darker side of alternative fashion. The past year, I spent a lot of time stepping out of my comfort zone. I experimented with a lot of pink. I branched out and did some more classy stuff, and eventually… I felt more confident in my coordination. Nonetheless, You always end up coming back to what you know.. and if there’s no color combination I know best.. It’s red and black.

What inspired this outfit?

I’ve been watching a lot o American Horror Story. Like, binge watching it. I refused to watch it for so long but it was great. When I put this outfit together, it was a rough thought. I had just wrapped season two and to be honest, I’m still mad about Alma, Grace and Kit. I was throwing on stuff to go across the street from my house, and when I looked in the mirror… I was like “Wow. This is actually the beginning of a look.” I never understood alternative fashion, why it was so appealing… After a while, it came to me. It’s not always supposed to look “right” or neat.. Sometimes it just feels right.

It just felt right.

What put this outfit on the cusp of greatness?

It was all black at first. Some lace trim on the bottom, a faux leather dress, and that knit swimsuit cover I never wore. I was so glad to finally use it, though over the years it has become distressed rom moves. from there came the stockings. Red and black. I had bought them from Target during a day after Halloween sale a long time ago. The best thing to match that was definitely my favorite parasol. 

What’s my favorite part of the outfit?

Besides the fact that it all came together?I suppose it’ll have to be my Bats. I’ve loved my bats pretty much forever. They don’t get a lot o wear in them because pointed toe boots, that remind me of Winklepickers deserve to be cherished. They don’t make Winklepickers in my size but honestly, they’re the most important part of any trad goth look. They’re from a brand called Widow. 

What’s the most expensive part of the outfit?

The most expensive part is my absolute favorite part. The Xylia set rom SKG Designs, one of my most prized closet possessions. The Xylia collar had been on my wishlist for years, since I modeled it in a shoot with the owner of SKG herself. The Xylia belt, I begged for. My original bondage belt snapped at a show and I lost it, so I begged the owner or years to create one to replace it, and on my birthday.. She granted me the wish of listing a Xylia belt, with huge O Rings.

It was exactly what the outfit needed. A little leather to tie it all together.

Have you seen the rest of my closet?

We’re getting so close to the end o this 52 outfit project. Originally, it was supposed to be one every week but I fell off so much. However, once this is over, I’ll just continue to post my outfits… as I gather up looks for photoshoots. I can’t wait to share it all with you in 2019. Subscribe to the blog to get the scoop on what I do next! 

Published! Vegeta Cosplay Photoshoot

December 27, 2018 2 min read 21 Comments

I‘ve always felt a tremendous pride in getting published as a photographer. Yet having this Vegeta Cosplay photoshoot created with the gorgeous Otaku Skum defined pride on a surreal level. Let me see if I can put it into words…  Spoiler Alert: I can’t. This is one of the most epic Vegeta Cosplay photoshoots you’ll see.. of pretty much all time. I love being able to photograph cosplayers in their element.

Vegeta Cosplay Photoshoot // Atlanta Cosplayer Otaku Skum

I’ve photographed Shell nearly every single time I’ve traveled down to Atlanta. That’s a lot of times… As a matter of fact, I’ll be back in February and we’re already planning our next photoshoot together. Each time, she surprises me with another creative cosplay. This Vegeta cosplay quickly became a personal favorite for so many different reasons.

As we walked along the location Shell picked out, I could tell she picked a particular spot perfect or this look. The visual laid itself out. What I loved most was that as she stood proudly upon her new stomping ground.. I didn’t see that Vegeta cartoon my brother and so many other people had shown to me.. I saw Otaku Skum presents Vegeta. This look was that iconic.

This photoshoot is published in the December issue of Cosplay Realm Magazine.

Follow Shell (Otaku Skum) on Instagram, Patreon, Twitter, and Twitch.  You can check out more published photography here. 


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Do you have a cosplay you’re dying to shoot? Jasemine Denise Photography is booking photoshoots of all kinds or 2019. JDP will also be floating back around the Atlanta area February 8-11th. No clue what kind of photoshoot to book? That’s okay. Poke around the portfolio and see what inspires you!


ClaustroClothic #21: “Bad Things” |Alternative Fashion

December 22, 2018 3 min read No Comments

Being a lover of alternative fashion has its upsides, one being that it is a tremendously great outlet. This ClaustroClothic was inspired by Bloom, by heartbreak, and by bad things.  It’s a part of the pink archives, a challenge to embrace my least favorite color. Funny enough, everyone actually thinks it’s my favorite now.

Am I out of my head, am I out of my mind? If you only knew the bad things I like…
(This photoshoot was actually featured on SKG Designs first) 

What inspired this outfit?

Imagine that there are eleven thousand other people who are open and willing to receive your love and instead you’re focused on a boy who broke your heart, your resolve, and carried on as if it was nothing. Meanwhile, you’re still subjecting yourself to it because you have not learned to let go. You’ve already been replaced but you can’t move on. That’s what I hear when I hear the song Bad Things from Machine Gun Kelly and Camilla Cabello. I wanted to embody that and my own emotional struggle into one nice outfit that said everything I couldn’t.

Bad Things has a soft but edgy vibe to me and it resonated in me deep so much that it actually gave me all the inspiration I needed. The next thing you know, I was walking around with my dead flowers, sniffing them and humming to myself.

What’s My Favorite Part?

I wanted it to be soft, but the alternative fashion lover in me wasn’t just gonna let that happen. That’s when I knew I had to put some pink Vegan Leather into it. The Dita was perfect, it brought a message to it that I hadn’t considered. Protecting my heart. The way the Dita is set up, it cage your entire chest in, comfortably. It starts at your throat and works its way down stopping just after your ribs begin.

Scars on my body so I can take you wherever. 

How did this Outfit come Together?

The jacket was perfect. It came up from Pinup Girl Clothing and it matches the pink Sugar Thrillz bustier ridiculously well. You’d think I bought them together, but I didn’t. The skirt is actually a children’s skirt from Forever 21.


That’s it babe!

This will probably be my last pink look for a while. It’s been a wild ride but it’s been a tremendously rewarding one. I have Weave N Luxury to thank for creating the wig that has done such a tremendous amount of pink goodness for me. Don’t forget to check out my lookbook article over at SKG Designs.

Create Your Own Version of this Look

The Eaton Wedding | Florida Wedding Photography

December 12, 2018 2 min read 20 Comments

Two Wednesdays ago, I told you that I’d start putting more wedding photos into the blog. I didn’t realize how hard at that point it’d be to blog about wedding photography. Photographing weddings isn’t hard, it’s one of my favorite things. However, not tearing up when I look back at the wedding photography and remembering the date… A totally different story. That’s why I’ve decided to finally release the weddings I’ve done, but going backwards.

The Eaton Wedding // Florida Wedding Photography

Last time, I shared with you the precious first look of Tiffany and Jeremy. You got to see how nervous Jeremy was but how all of that faded away the moment he set eyes on his wife to be. That moment will be embedded in my heart forever. Now let’s move you forward to the ceremony itself and the portraits that came before it..

The bride and groom, had already experienced their first look. Hand in hand, the walked up to the stage of the venue to take their pictures together. For the first time in a long time, I entrusted myself with a second shooter.. Which was a humbling experience. In the bride and groom portraits, I got to witness how happy they looked and how much I made them laugh.

Now that you’ve witnessed how adorable they are, are you ready to see the ceremony? It’s going to make your heart melt. It is my genuine belief that any man who sees you crying as you walk down the aisle is a keeper.

You may now kiss the bride.

Aren’t they beautiful?

I love wedding photography. Just remembering how in love with these two everyone around them were and how quickly they accepted me as one of their own… Wow.. Do you have a wedding coming up? You can book me as your wedding photographer too!

Book Your Own Session | View My Portfolio | Follow me on Instagram

Jasemine Denise Photography Now Offers Prints!

December 11, 2018 2 min read No Comments

I wanna tell you quick story, about a young girl who lost her father at an early age. Over the years, she could remember him in his scent, in her own little wheeze when she laughed, and the few photos that her family was generous enough to spare for her. As an adult, strewn across her photography studio are small memories and pictures she has of her father. She vowed that when she would offer the option for her clients to keep their memories forever.

That girl is Jasemine Denise and as of December 2018, Jasemine Denise Photography now has print packages, so you can cherish that photographed moment.. Forever.

Official Jasemine Denise Photography Prints Announcement!

In 2019, Jasemine Denise Photography is hosting a boudoir party  and each attendee is going home with a gift box for the special someone. While we have a few spaces left for that, we thought we’d test the emotional impact of giving the git of photographs to the one you love. After all, it is 2018 after all.. The digital age. We had one of our very own sign, wrap, and deliver her gift box to one of her partners.. The impact of that moment was so special that we just knew… 2019, this is something we want to be able to give every single one of our Jasemine Denise Photography family members, old and new.

Just in time for the holidays, you can get prints of all sizes, 8×10, 5×7, canvas, etc. An A La Carte menu will be available starting December 17th, with packages designed for all occasions.

Jasemine Denise Photography wants to give a special thanks..

To Jonathan, who didn’t know he’d be the face of the print announcement. The sight of his surprise to be receiving a gift box was too amazing to pass up. You can get one of these gift boxes too by signing up for the Jasemine Denise Photography’s Annual Valentine’s Day Boudoir. Otherwise, you can look out for the print packages JDP has to offer when you book your next photoshoot! <3

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