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Nora x Super Orange Photoshoot

When I first heard of Super Orange, I heard about how sold out everything always was because it was just that good. The owner is this rad person who travels from convention to convention selling limited edition wear and I was impressed as a fellow business owner. Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated nor paid by Super Orange to “endorse” their products. Hell, I don’t even own any of the apparel yet because it just sells out that fast! Anyway, when Nora pitched the concept of a Pillow Princess Super Orange Photoshoot, I couldn’t say no… Hell, I even suggested throwing in a velvet Pentagram SKG harness just to spice it up.

Remember: This photo session is a part of the boudoir collection meaning that the subject may be a bit less clothed than you’re used to. (Click here to be reminded about what boudoir photography is all about..) Nora’s hair in this session was styled by the Shear King himself, Brandon Ivy.

Nora X Super Orange Photoshoot


featuring Shop Kinky girl and the oh so coveted Paw Pillow.nora-jasemine-denise-photography-super-orange-4-2 nora-jasemine-denise-photography-super-orange-1



nora-jasemine-denise-photography-super-orange-7 nora-jasemine-denise-photography-super-orange-8


The Princess of Adorable

This was just a mini boudoir session but next month, Nora starts her adventure off modeling with Jasemine Denise Photography so you won’t be seeing the last of her! It’s funny to think our test session was one of the most adorable little sessions I’ve done to date. If you wanna see more of what this goddess is up to, follow her on Instagram because it has only just begun.

Of course she’ll also be here again with another shoot with Jasemine Denise Photography so don’t forget to subscribe to the blog and check back for more updates!

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