Lighten Up Thursday: Motivation Management.

Ladies and gentlemen, joie de vivre! What does that mean? That means you’re about to get a lesson in motivation management! This Lighten Up Thursday, let me extend to you the lesson I just recently learned myself!

The Story

I’m officially three weeks into my first college semester and let me tell you how pursuing a fast forwarded college course is scary. For the first two weeks, I couldn’t balance anything! I didn’t have time for blogs, and when I was blogging it was right before class and I was refining tags in the school hallway making myself late for class! Things were a mess. I found myself falling to my knees and shouting “Why JASEMINE, WHY?” Because well, it was my decision to go college in the “peak season” of my life, right?

So, I settled down. I started waking up an hour earlier, and I started thinking hm… My ambition may be exceeding my ability. at first, that sounds like an insult but it’s actually a realization. Sometimes, you don’t see the storm coming… You just look at the sky. The second I began to assess my issue.. It was simple.  Not only was I having problems with time management, there was no motivation! The only thing that came after school work was more work!

So recently, I did another thing. I got up earlier than usual and I decided to put in five hours of work and then spend another two watching 18 to Life because it’s a compromise, and also because Michael Seater is gorgeous. I enjoy it! I enjoy the after school special feel of it and I find I work more efficiently with after school special’s motivation. So, after lounging out, I felt more motivated and driven to do more work.

After that, I said “Screw my schedule!” Why not combine my work ethic with my motivation? 3 hours of work with the promise of a good meal break and 18 To Life playing in the background. What do you know, it worked! It reduced my schedule of work down to an hour!! I had nothing to do with the rest of my day! I had time to write!

Joie de Vivre

It’s french and it means the joy of living! What is the joy of living? Well, in my eyes.. It’s the fact that nothing is concrete. Your motivation changes everyday, your workload rises and falls, and your dreams become reality when you can combine your work and your motivation. What motivates you to work? What work gets you motivated? The problem with life is that we’re constantly being hard on ourselves and not rewarding ourselves enough. On top of that, a lot of us think that rewards are monetary… Things you have to buy. Yet, if everything was money… Where would be the joy of living?

What do you do when you have no money? What are the joys of your splendor then? Is it free time? Is it writing? Is it a marathon of your favorite TV show? Whatever it is, take advantage of it! Use it to motivate you to work so that you could get closer to achieving your dream.

Don’t be afraid. There are no right or wrong answers when it comes to management! There are only tactics, plans, and of course… motivation.

So lighten up. Life’s short. ( a lot like this b   l   o   g      p    o    s    t) Yet with the right amount of joy and work, you could really make something out of it if you aren’t already. Think about it.

Happy Thursday.

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