Love Story From Lansing: Marya and Jake

I got to shoot in Lansing a few weeks ago, and let me tell you! There’s no other story like a love story from Lansing. Let me tell you about Marya and Jacob! Let me tell you though that I don’t know how to tell stories correctly.. (Oh yeah, I do. Who am I kidding? I write novels!) but, this… This is different. This is a story you can only tell through photos. So let me tell you the love story from Lansing about Marya and Jake.

Marya had told me the adorable tale of meeting a guy “with shiny hair” and no first name. To her, he was just Litner. For quite sometime, those were the only two things she knew about him until they met formally. Yet, when they finally met, nothing could keep them apart. Not even the fact that when she went off to basic training, she was a terrible letter writer (her words, not mine!). Or the fact that Jake’s idea of love is tickle torture. When you see this couple, you can read their love story clear is as day. It’s not about last names, shiny hair, or tickling. It’s about the smiles, the kisses, and the way that when they stood in front of my camera… It was like I wasn’t even there. All that was present was happiness. Ready to see that love story?

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Aren’t they beautiful?

This isn’t the first lovely love story I photographed from Lansing either! If you haven’t seen Ofie and her beautiful son and the tale of two tattooed mothers, you should check that out as well!

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