Lighten Up: Belittling The Little Things

 Little things are like little pieces. The more you pick up and put together, the more they become a greater picture.[hr]

The Story

I don’t have a story. I have several. I have a million! Times when stories about when I cried because a client didn’t like one picture but fell in love with the rest. Stories where my first week of college went great and my second week went ever better but I just kept thinking about the next one. I never stopped to think about the things that mattered, my little celebrations. This morning I made my oatmeal just right for the first time. It was like being Goldilocks, it’d been wrong for months. I also ate breakfast which is tremendously difficult for me. To top it all off I remembered to bring my mouse! *fist pumps*

The Lesson: Don’t Worry It’s A Short One.

Isn’t all of that exciting? I mean, let’s be honest. Waking up everyday is something that is considered “a little thing.” Making to work without punching yourself in the face is a “little thing.” Yet when you lock your keys in the car or wake up twenty minutes after your alarm, this is A CATASTROPHE! First, alert all of your Facebook friends about your grumpiness. Then,call the closest person to you and yell at them like it’s their fault. Then, FLIP ALL OF THE TABLES. Those and similar things are what we do when we experience something that…is well… Kinda little. Yet, when good little things happen to us, things that should be ginormous, we don’t call anyone. Why?

Saying that your achievements are just little things is like saying Johnny Depp doing cooking pancakes shirtless in your kitchen is just okay. NO! (Chuckles madly. Who are you kidding? Johnny Depp in my kitchen? Hello, hospital. Get ready because in 9 monts, I’m having a baby!) GET EXCITED! YOU excelled in something that a little while ago was a blank canvas that you just exploded all over. Congratulations on every single little thing you’ve done today, yesterday and for the rest of your life.

Your achievements are everything. <3

Treat them like it.


My Oatmeal Little Things

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