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A Little TMI To Lighten Up Your Thursday!

March 6, 2014 jasemine-denise 5 min read No Comments

A Little TMI To Lighten Up Your Thursday!

March 6, 2014 Jasemine Denise Photography 5 min read No Comments

Ready to LIGHTEN UP Your Thursday with a Little TMI story? For those who aren’t familiar ,“TMI” is an acronym for “Too Much Information” often used to describe something that your average audience isn’t exactly dazzled to hear. Today’s quip isn’t gross, but depending on who you are, you may not want to read it over your nightly tea. Alright, don’t say I didn’t warn you!

When I was little, I wanted desperately to be nice. I didn’t want to be known as a nice person. I actually wanted to be a nice person. After looking back on the past year of my life and the amount of friendships I’ve reluctantly strayed away from, I recalled my childhood struggles to be sweet. Where did I go wrong?

The Story

Back in grade school, my younger sister and I would visit her grandmother’s house after school each day. There was a sign above her toilet seat that read, “If you sprinkle when you tinkle, be a sweetie and wipe the seatie.” Instantly, it became my mission to achieve what I’d call “sprinkle status.” Every time I’d come over and stare up at the sign before sitting down to initiate mission sequence. Finally, after much failure, I asked. the elderly woman laughed at me for at least ten minutes. “Aw, baby. Boys usually sprinkle. It’s harder for young ladies.” She continued to laugh as she concluded her short speech with “You’re so sweet.” I grinned proudly at that very moment because for the first time in my life, I was technically referred to as a sweetie. The crazy part about it was that I didn’t have to do ANYTHING!  I had struggled and fought to achieve something that was out of my control and pretty much came naturally. I mean, come on! My lifelong childhood dream achieved itself .

The Lesson To Lighten Up!

Sometimes, when you push for a goal to become or achieve something, you tend to overlook the big picture. What’s the big picture? The fact that you can be whatever you want with no limit and no time constraints. When its something you really want, sometimes you put too much weight on yourself to get it. I’ve begun calling it “Worry weight” in my journals. When you exercise good habits and calm thinking, you lose your “worry weight” and it makes it easier to conquer the difficult things stopping you from being that awesome creature you envision when you’re scowling in the mirror. One lesson I’ll always teach my children is that it won’t always take a toilet to make a sweetie. It doesn’t always take a million dollars to make a hard worker. Your success starts with your mentality, and your mentality starts with your drive. If your drive is in the wrong place, you may never achieve your goals therefore your mentality will waiver. For example, younger me could’ve spent much more time giving more hugs to my crying siblings or holding doors open, but yet she was so obsessed with that stupid toilet seat. She missed the big picture. She missed what being sweet was all about. Yes, she achieved her goal of being recognized as a sweet person, but it took ages when she could’ve known it all along through her actions. The big picture is there people.

Sometimes, all it takes to become something is to truly be it with no fears and no question. Don’t be afraid to truly be a sweetie, or spend the rest of your life on sprinkle status. Trust me, it’s not fun and it can get messy. And hey, lighten up. It gets better, okay?

What Am I Up To?

Oh man, that’s a loaded question. Haha. Right now, I’m working on rolling in some big changes to the way JDcom operates. For one, I’m gonna stop calling it JDP. I mean, come on. You know I’m a photographer, but do you know how many people don’t know I’m an author? I mean, chyeah.. Not like I’m working on a third book or anything right now… >_> On top of just showcasing all the other things, I’m working on an emailing list, which means you guys can sign up to get a real “What’s up?” email from me every now and then just reminding you about new blogs, exclusive deals, and random stuff like that. I’m not gonna come banging on your door like a Jehovah’s Witness or anything (No offense to them. They really can market), I’ll simply have a little “subscribe box” on the website and I may even be sending out a few messages to people I would personally LOVE to see on that mailing list.

Oh and I went to Florida! Tampa, to be exact and I celebrated this awesome girl’s birthday and got to meet her boyfriend for the first time! Aren’t they cute? I plan to post like a whole master post about it on Tumblr but I have just not gotten around to it! Stay tuned for that if you’re following my “personal blog” which would be my Tumblr! In the meantime, here’s a picture of them being all adorable just to keep you waiting!


Other than that, I’m working on Twisted Abandon and let me tell you this book is so much more than I originally imagined it to be. Being the second installment of the Twisted  Trilogy, it has a lot of potential to live up to after the first one. I love how everyone’s who’s been finishing the first one is shaking my shoulders about the release of this one which I’m hoping to have out on my birthday if not before it. “What first one?” Twisted Illusions of course!

I guess that’s it! Be sure to comment and tell me about your “sweetie” story. Have you ever had a time when you TRIED to really be something? Tell me about it! Seriously, I wanna know! Or you could comment about how stupid I was in eighth grade (I mean, seriously, eighth grade)

Also, look out for my next big chop chronicles blog post coming to you soon! Until then, this Naturalista is Hasta Lavista!
Later Days!


Jasemine Denise Photography
Jasemine Denise Photography

I travel as a photographer, I write novels , and I fan girl a lot. I have an unnecessary attachment to all things 80s punk, 90s hip hop, and girl power. I typically write in the same tone that I talk in so you should probably be prepared for that. Just saying.

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