Lighthen Up! Appreciate

The photo above depicts the most comically tragic moment of my month. When I saw it, I thought to myself “oh this is one for the books.” At the time this picture was taken, I was just getting dressed after the doctor had given me a long list of things I couldn’t eat because of the fact that I was in the early stages of developing an ulcer. If nothing else, the doctor’s trip taught me to do one thing… appreciate. 

What Did I Learn to Appreciate In My Four Hour Stay?

  • appreciate the fact that I had two very supportive down-to-earth people by my side. I had an awkward time explaining to the doctors that my grandparents weren’t the ones in the waiting room.
  • appreciate the last bit of chocolate I got to eat before I was banished to a “bland diet” It was a Snickers and I won’t lie, it hurt a lot but I loved it!
  • appreciate the fact that ti wasn’t food poisoning because I just couldn’t stand the thought of being betrayed by my beloved Portillos.
  • My nurse, despite her accent did not shy away from my favorite words when she couldn’t find my vein. German curse words are pretty dope, I swear.


Lighten Up Lesson? Simple, Appreciate!

Sometimes we’re so focused on bad news that we forget to remember the god things we’re blessed with.

I’m terrified of doctors because I hate bad news, but when they told me that if I hadn’t had come, things would have gotten much worse… I saw the bright side. Many times, we avoid the bad news because we don’t take the time to appreciate the good behind it. For example, if a friend of any of ours turns out to be really mean to us and we stop being friends, the first thing we do is mourn the loss or get angry with it. We should instead focus on the potential we gained. Better friends will come.

There are too many things to appreciate in this world to just be focused on the negative. Lighten up!

Remember that wherever there is darkness, light is sure to follow or remember me wearing my bra over my face because apparently, that works too.


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