Lighten Up Thursday: Super Success

Each and every one of us is super in a way that won’t always come in the same form. A lot of the time, we anticipate being successful in the way that many before us have. “Maybe, if I’m super pretty or have the fanciest camera, people will want to listen and value what I have to say. I want them to invest interest and time in my work so I have to create myself from my heroes and do whatever it takes as long as someone’s done it before me and has proven that their method will gain me super success!” Let me tell you that it doesn’t work. At least, not for most people. There are exceptions but trust me when I say you don’t want to be one of them. This Lighten Up Thursday speaks about being a Super you. 

The Story

My boyfriend and I are attached at the hip all the time. People say it continuously. We shower each other in compliments, we finish each other’s sentences, we giggle at weird hours of the night on the phone and under blankets. We’re your every day average couple. We also love doing super cliche things. Jason is a Superman fan. He doesn’t get offended when people make fun of him for it or anything. He just plain and shamelessly loves Superman. One day, on our way to work we ventured into the mall and into a store called Selfish. In it, we spotted the cutest Superman crop top. It wasn’t bedazzled like other tops in the story. It was modest and I wanted it. Yet, when we went into the sizes “XS” was non-existent and all the “S”s were gone. Disappointed, we left.


Superman Crop Top Matching TimbalandsFor years, I envied couples who match. Hell, Remia Riano and her boyfriend even have matching Timbalands and all I wanted was a shirt! It wasn’t just a Jason thing either. I was a huge *Nsync fan as a kid and Joey Fatone always wore Superman. I was a fan of the colors first then eventually became into the logo itself and was always looking for an excuse to wear it. As time passed, Jason could see the longing in my eyes every time we’d pass a matching couple. Suddenly, he had a brain blast! Maybe we’d been searching for my crop top in the wrong place! What if we went to a Walmart and into the kid’s section, bought a regular boy’s fitted Superman shirt and turned into a crop top.

At first, I scoffed. How unconventional and ridiculous! Why would I willingly purchase a little boy’s t-shirt….. An hour later, we were in Walmart. Soon after, I was tailoring the perfect Superman shirt. It wasn’t gaudy, the sleeves fit correctly, it was a perfect fit for me.

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Finally, it is mine! Shameless selfie! Even have a matching belly ring!

What Does Your Shirt Have To Do With My Success, Jasemine?

I’ll tell you reader! Your success is a crop top perfectly tailored and designed to fit you! The other paths to your super success are different. Each takes different amounts of time, different styles, different prices and so on. I don’t know about you but I never walk into a store and buy the exact dress I saw on someone else without trying it on for myself! That’s crazy! How will that look on me? What if I can’t take it back? When it comes to your super success story, don’t hesitate to make it completely your own! Don’t be afraid to take your time and to be specific. Your success is a super power! No seriously, it is! Those stories that saved your life are because someone who was cut from similar fabric like yours made it. It inspired you to go on because you saw in it success. That’s a power that we all possess! We don’t even have to be bit by a radioactive spider to activate it!

So Lighten Up.

Your super success may not be in a store full of historical success stories. Some of us.. No, all of us were made to blaze our own trails. Find yours. Use it, cut it, change it, revitalize it, whatever it takes to make your success a super success! Often times, people are looking to become super successful by the most popular method but never suspect that sometimes they have to take another route.

Brace yourself.

This isn’t even your final form.



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