Lighten Up: Spring.

It’s finally spring and let me tell you Chicago, I am rejoicing for this weather. I’ve grown so used to cold nights and even colder mornings that I forgot that spring was even a season. Even better, spring is the season of awakening. It’s when all the flowers start to bloom and people start bringing out their sweat season smiles! This Lighten Up Thursday is a Spring Appreciation Post! It also goes hand in hand with today’s Project 365.

What did I Do On My First Witnessing of The Spring Season?

It’s been a rough winter. A lot of it was spent working, the other half stressing. When I looked back, the same could be said for my spring of 2013. This year was supposed to be about change. Good change. So, I went out and bought some clothes. They were brighter than my usual style and when I checked them out and put them on, I was impressed. Something different that still made me feel good. I also got a few denim jackets on clearance and all was good.

I don’t know about you, but I love feeling good. When I got home, I realized how this spring would be different. This spring, I wouldn’t let anything stop me from feeling good. I mean, that’s one of the reasons I quit my job. It didn’t make me feel good. 

So, I made A Jar.

No, not a jar of dirt (Although that’s good too) I made a jar of love letters to myself. This jar was for the days that I felt like winter from the days where I feel like spring. What better way to feel better than to be reminded that you are loved? Who better to love you than yourself? So many people are so hellbent on society’s views of us that we stifle the most beautiful parts of ourselves. Not anymore. 

For me, anxiety was one of the many reasons I didn’t feel good. People would say negative things about me that sat with me until I couldn’t take it anymore. I had a vision board with all my goals that I started in January of the new year, and I destroyed it. The fear and apprehension combined with the negative energy made me feel as though I wasn’t good enough to achieve any greatness at all. At first, quitting my job made me feel the same way, but then I started to feel good about myself. I took a stand for my emotional well-being. How many people do that? How many people are more upset after they do that then when they were experiencing it?

My first letter to myself was “Dear self, remember your vision.” Although I tore apart a huge map to my year, I didn’t lose my destination. I still have all my pit stops in my head. Nothing stops you on the road to success. There was so much I wanted to have done when Spring started, and now I’m finally remembering. My vision is coming to life before my eyes. It’s crazy.

My second was a bit more complex, but a lot more universal. Lately, I’ve been feeling down about photography. All of my friends are getting fancy new cameras and learning to do the things that I’ve been doing for years, and that’s scary. Yet, I felt great taking pictures this week. I always feel good. It’s something that brings out the joy in me. So, the joyous me who took pictures wrote a letter to the me that gets down on herself and doesn’t take pictures. It was a reminder that no matter how many photographers come into this world, that every single one has a unique thing to share.

I am Confident Catipillar

So Lighten Up!

Spring is about awakening and renewal. Why do you think we do spring cleaning? As the weather changes and it starts to feel good outside, you have the chance to feel good inside. When you’re feeling good, you take in the fresh smell of the flowers, the dirt, the love… This spring you should cleanse your winter blues and love yourself. Get out there! Try something new, try on a “funky” color, write love letters to yourself… DO whatever it takes.

Take time out to love yourself. This spring could be the season that changes your life.

Lighten Up. For your sake.


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