An Open Letter To The Readers Aka The Royal.

Dear Reader Aka Royal

The forthcoming book in the Twisted Trilogy is meant to be different than the last. The first book, Twisted Illusions, is meant to tell a story. This book is meant to teach you the story and the final book is meant to guide your way into feeling the story. Despite it all being the same continuous flow, each book is meant to strengthen something inside of you that you didn’t know was there. There’s a piece of this story in all of us. That being said, this Twisted Tuesday, gives you a snippet from the newest book coming September 7, 2014 which challenges you to become royal.

What Does It Mean To Be Royal?

Royalty is a sense of great respect that a lot of people mistake for worship. It is when someone has so much love and devotion to to you, that you are considered great. Many people believe that royalty is something that is achieved by a substantial amount of money or a huge following. In reality, royalty is based off of respect. More lately than ever, I’ve been addressing my colleagues with the term “Royal”, especially considering my colleagues have slowly transformed into a team. We address one another as king or queen because each and everyone of us are Kings and Queens of our destiny.

Twisted Abandon continues the story that Twisted Illusions left off with, but each chapter begins with a royal address encouraging you to maintain your royalty. It’s all about the respect you give yourself first because if you don’t, who will? When you radiate your confidence within yourself, others will begin to extend to you the same amount of respect. Don’t get confused, confidence and cockiness are two very separate things. The difference is with royalty, you love yourself enough to know the difference between realness and facades.

I challenge you from this day forward to be royalty and to challenge yourself to only accept the good. Don’t let anyone treat you any lower than you would treat someone you had full respect for. Royalty stops for no one and is completely created for everyone. Your crown has already been made, you just need to wear it.

Stay tuned for next Tuesday which will give you the next Royal Address taken straight out of the book that will be available September 07th, 2014 (which is coincidentally my birthday.)

Stay Royal. Happy Tuesday.


The photo above that is the backdrop for the Royal Address is a photograph taken from the latest session, which is a lovely engagement session. There is a blog coming soon about it. Stay tuned for that, and for more Royal Addresses.

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