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Ladies Of the Night | Part II

Happy Taking Back Thursday! Previously on JDcom, we took two women and followed them into an abandoned house for a very… different type of tea party. Becky and Erin brought us to an abandoned building where

Abandon - and Erin-3 Abandon- Becky-10Abandon- Becky-5Abandon- Becky-6

So, what happened next?

Abandon- Becky-12

The air is a little cold… I’m shivering as I stand outside of the large brick debri. It’s a fragment of a building but the building is one I’d never visited. As I clutch my camera tightly, my eye pressed against the eyehole, I wonder.. What this building used to be. For some time, I’m just standing there.. shivering… the wind whistling through the air around me.

I begin to get antsy, so I reach out to the women. “Becky! Erin!” I call out. This space is unfamiliar and at this point, it’s been about twenty minutes and not a movement has been made inside of the eerily dark space in front of me. Cautiously, I move forward until I’m inside of the dark space… and what do I  find inside…

Abandon- Becky-11

Abandon- Becky-13 Masked Ladies-14


Both Becky and Erin are silent… They haven’t spoken a word in God only knows how long. Together, they grip a small sparkler. It’s the only light in the small dark space and it is shared between them. I can see antler skulls…

Final Upload-8

“Girls…” I question, coming a little closer. I wouldn’t dare touch one.. As I get closer, I can hear soft murmuring. I can’t make out the words and I can’t see their lips anymore. They are still, and the murmurs don’t sound like either of their voices. “Girls, I think we should get out of here.” I plea and suddenly, there’s a blood curtling scream. With us being the only three for miles, that just about does it for me… I turn on my heel, let my camera hang loosely by its strap, and I take off running.

What did these girls just get me into!?

I collapse to the ground only seconds after I’d started running. I guess it’s true what they say about not being able to balance when you’re afraid. Footsteps approach and I don’t scream. Instead, I shakily turn my camera back on, content on capturing the phenomenon before me.

Abandon- Becky-25 Abandon- Becky-24

I rise to my feet as the murmuring gets louder. Fragments of words flutter around me, and I try once more to reach out to the girls. “Guys… I think there’s something going on here.. The building it’s possessed.” Neither of them spoke… They only watched me. “I’m not gonna stay here.” I plea as I back up. They continue to stand stone still.
Abandon- Becky-23Abandon- Becky-22I Haven’t Seen The Ladies Of The Night Since…


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    Ray Collins
    August 6, 2015 at 10:26 pm

    This looks really awesome! Really like the dark tea party feel behind it

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