Ladies of the Night – Jasemine Denise Photography

Usually, women are portrayed as innocent and dainty. It’s 2015! We’re not afraid of things that go bump in the night anymore. We go bump, boo rattly, ARGH NASTY! We’re all about Girl Power! Don’t believe me, check out a shoot where the ladies of the night become the night. 


But first: Let’s test your JDP trivia? Do you remember Erin?

You probably do, but you’re wondering “Hm, where did I Hear that name?” Well, she redefined punk for us a while back. Last time, we got on her roof and she fearlessly modeled a pair of heartshaped glasses.


This time, her and the lovely Becky led me into the dark… With antlers!

Antlers and Stuff-14 copy

Abandon - and Erin-2

Abandon - and Erin-3Final upload-1Erin and BeckyErin Single Photo 3Abandon- Becky-1Ladies of the Night - Jasemine Denise Photography-8Then they invited me in for tea… At first I was a bit hesitant because I mean… Tea in an abandoned building.. This doesn’t sound too appealing, but after a while… I got curious. What were these two beautiful ladies doing wandering around an abandoned building with tea cups… So I followed them.

Abandon- Becky-10

Vintage Smoking Women-2Becky - Single PhotoErin - Single Photo II

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This isn’t over yet. Tune in next week because these girls will be right back with part two. What happens when the surroundings get into these girls systems? They turn into animals, I tell ya! ANIMALS! As always, if you’re just fiending for the outtakes from this session, you can check out my photo blog for exclusive behind the scenes footage from this and all my other sessions!



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