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First off, let me say that I have fallen crazy in love with new moms. This is my second maternity session and seeing as though I’m someone who typically shoots models and children, I wasn’t exactly prepared to tear up at the sight of a parent to be. Nothing, and I mean nothing can put a smile on my face faster than a mother who has fallen in love with a human being that she hasn’t seen yet.

I’d like to introduce to you all the maternity session of Kelli and George, who are expecting their baby boy very soon.

About The Mommy.

Maternity Teaser - Jasemine Denise Photography

I first met Kelli at a house party a few years back. She had so much personality and took a liking to my photography career when it was at its earliest time. A few weeks after meeting her, she showed up to my house bearing a gift of 250 business cards that she’d made for me for free. Talk about a beautiful blessing in disguise. Years later, she’s about to have her first born child with her boyfriend George. Kelli being such a kind person, I have no doubt in my mind that she’s going to be one of the kindest, most giving parents to her baby boy and after meeting George, I’m excited for the future of this beautiful boy. K. Benke - Maternity Session Jasemine Denise Photography-16 K. Benke - Maternity Session Jasemine Denise Photography-18

K. Benke - Maternity Session Jasemine Denise Photography-20


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Kelli Benke 2-10

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Incoming: this is my favorite moment in the session. George suggested that we do some photos of Kelli on the bridge. She wasn’t even slightly nervous climbing to the top but once she got up there, she was a little scared. Once George came to her side, it was like her fears melted away and he reminded her that he’d always be there.

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Kelli Benke-13


Last Upload Maternity-8

Also, what were the odds we’d find a “we’re expecting” sign on the structure we were shooting on…and yes, that was there before we got there.

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As the sunset on our day, it gave Kelli this absolutely gorgeous glow. She was like an angel, a mother, a personification of a motherly beauty.

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After this shoot, George cooked up some AMAZING burgers. I mean my God, they were good! If that didn’t give you a swell of genuine faith in humanity, after Kelli saw her pictures, she brought me a goodie bag as a means of thanks. Seriously, they’re going to be the best parents. Congratulations you guys!

Are you expecting? I’d love to photograph your little bun in the oven… or even your little bundle of joy!

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