Fan Friday: Jasemine Denise Photography Merch

You read that right! It’s your turn! Every few Fridays I’ll show off something I’m a fan of here at JDcom. I’ve fan girled about everything from fashion to books but I never dreamt that I would finally be something that other people can tangibly say they’re a fan of. Jasemine Denise Photography officially has a merch store where you’ll soon be able to buy prints, Polaroids and other awesome things but it already officially has its first preorder underway. Find out how you can get a limited edition piece of JDP history!

kickass polaroid not included… yet.

JDP Official Patch Currently On Preorder!


This awesome patch comes to you courtesy of a photo I took which will be available for prints soon and my amazing tattoo artist Ofie Cancino. If you’re like me, and you have an obsession with having your own one of a kind jacket patch, then this is the moment you’ve been waiting for.

jasemine-denise-photography-punk-patches-2016-4 jasemine-denise-photography-punk-patches-2016-7jasemine-denise-photography-punk-patches-2016-8 Authentic and cute right?

Get your butt on over to the store and grab yourself one! They’re on preorder right now and are on sale! Get. You. Some.

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