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Intro To Boudoir Photography Section

There’s a new series of photos arriving at JDcom and the section shows off the art of boudoir photography. Now, I am by no means a boudoir photographer and I’m definitely not a boudoir model. (You’ve seen me try though, right?) Anyway, I have been waiting for almost a full year to start releasing this series but I wanted to answer some questions first for my fellow photographers. If you’re thinking about trying it, don’t hesitate. Corrine  was the one who inspired me.

Why did I start Boudoir Photography?

Boudoir was always a scary and taboo concept for me. I wanted to get past that. I wanted other people to get past it too. So, I put on my photographer cape and encouraged the women around me to explore the “hidden art.” It wasn’t easy either. There were so many things to consider.


  • Who should I ask to pose provocatively and allow to “scar the lives of their Facebook Friends.” For the first session, I kept it simple and only reached out to about five girls. They were all really close to me and I was extremely nervous.


  • Where should we do it? Luckily for me, I’m very close to this hotel that knows me for drunk Anime Central shenanigans so checking in with women dressed in lingerie really wasn’t all that unusual for me. They also had this rooftop that we probably shouldn’t have been on.. Hell, we almost got arrested. (that’s a story for another day.

What did I learn from these few months:


The good: 

  • Every woman is beautiful. The sight of seeing a woman’s confidence blossom is the most rewarding thing ever.
  • Increase of portfolio. It’s definitely something creative to explore. It’s not just boobs and butt. It’s concept, craft, and really dope creative directing partners.
  • I did all the editing on site. It was fun seeing the women/men’s faces glow up when they saw themselves and the confidence they exhumed.

Full x-1

The Bad

  • Grouping these sessions while saves a lot of money when it comes to hotels, it poses problems when people value their privacy. You’d be surprised how 7 naked girls can scare one man.
  • Commitment. The higher the price tag on the boudoir session, the less serious people will become about shooting. I remembered being disappointed at the amount of women who dropped out the moment price was mentioned.
  • Scheduling. That was crazy. 5 hour shooting with no breaks.
  • Dislike of the final product. The worst thing I ever hear is “Ew, I look so fat in that picture.” I see beauty in every single human being so it literally breaks my heart to see people talk down to themselves.

When will the boudoir section begin?

Marissa Jackson- Jasemine Denise Photography-1-X3

Well, you’ve already seen my first boudoir as well as the first couple’s boudoir. The next 11,000 awesome sets will be coming shortly after Halloween and some during Halloween week!

Note To New JDcom members:

Some boudoir sessions may be considered NSFW, so if that is not your thing feel free to back away from the cookie jar!

Are you guys excited?

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