The Immaculate Conception Of King And Queen

When I tell people to look out for my next book, Twisted Abandon, I tell them to look out for two things. One, if you haven’t read the first one do that. The second book in the trilogy is going to send you on an epic ride. The other reason is to prepare yourselves for the journey of a lifetime. Not just through the characters but through yourself, your life, and your conception therein. I realized that I couldn’t really break it down in a sense where people would immediately understand why this trilogy is so important. It doesn’t just tell a story, it tells a legacy. What is that legacy, you ask? It’s the Immaculate Conception of King and Queen.

Where did the “Immaculate Conception of King And Queen come from?”


I fell in love with the poem that Tupac wrote to Jada Pinkett. It was described as a platonic romance that set Tupac’s entire heart, mind and soul in a frenzy. When I read this, I said to myself… This is immaculate, perfect, something a king would write to his queen… In passing, that’s what did it. That’s what made it become a standard for what love really is to me. I don’t believe in comparing love to the love of anyone else’s but most of us have built our foundation on something we’ve seen and romanticized through media. When I read Tupac’s letter, I felt like.. This is what love is.

Shortly after the thought arose, the series Twisted was born. It brought to life in my head, the rubble, ash, dirt, and diamonds that an average woman sifts through as she finds her place in royalty. She may not be dressed in fancy robes, riches, and lavishes… but she may be trying to get the nicest things and the best life. Twisted tells a back story of how a queen finds herself, embraces her crown, and becomes fit to discover her king. She’s going to push through it all.. But none will be enough for the conception of her king is an epic emotion. That’s only one character too!

So, what is the Immaculate Conception of King And Queen?

This is just my opinion. Feel free to share yours.


Photos courtesy of Reiko and Damon | Other photos from their session.

The way a man looks into the eyes of the woman who is his queen is different. He looks at her as if the entire world is deep within the iris, the pupil, the small glint she gets when she tears up at the sound of his words… The way a woman smiles softly at her king when she sees him. It is lust, it is love, it is the past, present and future of everything they’ve become. All of that is wrapped up into one soft whisper… a faint glimmer of the smile she gave him when she first laid eyes on him.

You know that they are King and Queen because the conception of two conjoining deities within them never fades. Her smile remains for him even when it is hidden beyond their dullness of her work day. His eyes are for her even deep within the masses of other women. They are king and queen together and separate.

It is in itself an immaculate conception that a love built so soon could feel so strong that it could create the vision of unmistakable royalty. 

It is that immaculate conception that merely one look, one smile, or one word that could drive an entire society into a thirst for something that they can’t even fully understand.

Once you realize that you have to find yourself and the reasons for what make you worthy of the term “king” or “queen”, it’s so simple to crown yourself and begin your discovery of your royal love.

So what’s your immaculate conception?

What idea have you had that has truly changed the way you thought about something. It doesn’t have to be perfectly worded but if it has done enough to move you, it’s enough to be immaculate. Share your conception with readers in the comments below.

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PS: A huge shout out to Damon and Reiko, a lovely image of what I think photographically personifies king and queen. You can check out their full engagement photo shoot here.

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