Lighten up Thursday: How Journey Lyrics Saved My Life

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At the tender age of four, I thought I wanted to be a preacher. I’d stand on the top of this radiator in my mother’s living room and preach about everything under the son. As you can imagine, I had no idea at that age that I wanted to change lives. I mean, I wasn’t even in preschool. (I never actually went. Went straight to kindergarten!) I never would have imagined that a few Journey lyrics changed my life.

One Of My Most Asked Questions is About My Twitter Bio.

Why are those the words that are supposed to be the ones that motivated people to click the infamous F word (Follow, get your minds out the gutter!)? honestly? They’re not. I like clever bios. It’s just who I am. I gravitate more toward people who use a series of singular words to describe themselves. There’s the obvious such as, actor, writer, mother but then there’s a witty ending punch line like “Is thing on?” I love that!

So when I wrote my bio, I wanted it to be this huge preamble to my tweets. I wanted it to sum up who I was as a person without really saying who I was as a person. Yet, it ended up being lyrics to the song that changed my life the first time I heard it. It wasn’t specifically  the “Small time girl” part but that line emphasized the impact. That’s who I was when I heard it! There were literally three journey lyrics that changed my life and put everything into perspective for this lonely world girl…

Don’t Stop Believing!

How many times have you been fed up and genuinely stopped believing in faith, God, your destiny, yourself. I can count mine out for days. Truth is, we lose faith all the time. But why? We all believe in love whether we want to or not. We can’t help it! Our hearts need it. That’s why when it comes to being successful, I suggest picking something that makes your heart race. Why? You won’t stop believing in it no matter how ugly it gets. It’s a part of who you are. It’s something that you love. 

Journey didn’t sing about being filthy rich and never giving up. They didn’t talk about the 11,000 friends this boy and this girl had. The song literally described someone like you and me who believed in something bigger in itself.

Everyone can relate to it. Whatever you’re passionate about, don’t stop believing in it. Let it consume you, take over, and become a part of you that you can’t stop. Don’t stop believing in yourself and you that can make it. Believing in yourself is a huge part of supporting yourself. If you don’t believe in yourself, who will?

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