Home Sweet Home Again..

I’ve been accustomed to being away from home a lot. Living as a bohemian photographer who works hard enough to get by and not hard enough to move into a big loft in the city… It’s a standard given that at least 7 months out of the year, I’ll be in the land of somewhere I’ve never heard of.

This time, I returned home from Hammond, Indiana. The things I’ve learned and shot while out there. I shot the Indiana Jones menswear fashion session out there, the Urban Pocahontas, and my Nikki Wood cosplay. It’s a very odd coincidence that all those things are inspired by poplar TV shows and movies.


One thing I like to tell myself when returning back to the south side of Chicago is that the sky is always blue. Living on the south side means risking your life. Chicago has tons of shootings everyday, especially in my neighborhood. Living on the south side means noise complaints that will be ignored by police. Living on the south side means trying to make it home before dark and relying on public transportation to get you back and forth because it’s cheaper than gas.

So, what makes home sweet home?

Random Photos-5

It’s the littlest things. I mean, of course there’s the usual “I can take off my clothes and pants off dance of party whenever I want.” No one can decline how awesome that is. So, we’ll put that there.



Right behind that is unlimited bathroom time. I’ve learned that that is a complete luxury. I spend a lot of my time in the bath, reading. I normally am surrounded by candles, incense, and my Ipad. That’s also the time I take to get my hair perfect. You should’ve seen the frohawk monster growing on my head before I spent an hour straightening it.

Random Photos-2


Then it’s my desk. Everywhere I go, I always tend to forget that I have chronic back pains. The worst thing you can do is turn your office into your bed. I’ve always been spoiled with a hardwood desk and a computer chair that’s been the bane of my existence since sixteen because it forces me to maintain good posture. Nonetheless, it keeps me rooted at my desk and focused on work… Even when the desk itself looks like eight tornadoes flew through it.

I also keep post it notes on my desk because that’s how I manage my time. I write a lot of lists to keep my brain flowing so that’s there as well. My desk is where I keep everything. Keys,  chargers, lens caps, etc. It’s how I keep track of things.  My laptop is actually held up by a shelf that is used to stack dishes. Nifty.

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After that, the list gets to smaller and smaller things like being able to sing at the top of my lungs whilst I work. I’m a very musical person. I have different playlists for different types of shoots. I even have a playlist just to keep me motivated as a woman. My current obsession? Amy Winehouse. I mean, I’ve always had a fondness but it’s been almost as out of control as my current obsession with Seth Green. (I don’t know where it’s coming from but I’ve been watching all his movies lately!)

Random Photos-15 Random Photos-17


This list goes on and on but the fact of the matter is…

christine Carter and Jesus - Ash and Misty Cosplay-9

You never know how much you miss home until you’re away from it for so long. Tweet that

That’s not just a physical “in house” thing either. I missed heart to hearts with my granddad even though we never get along much. I missed the beauty of knowing that the corner store down my block has some exquisite tasting chocolate. I missed the feeling of simply being in a place where I was extremely familiar with and it got me talking to the people I was most familiar talking to. It’s like I rediscovered a part of myself that I’d overlooked being away. The next time you come home from a long trip, try to remember what was home about it.

Believe it or not, you just got a lesson on health and happiness. 

What about you? What gets you excited about coming home?

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