003 Day of Halloween Harley Quinn Cosplay

“Harley!” I called out practically because why I’m always the one sent out on this Peter Parker missions to chase this crazy women around. First Cat Woman, then Michonne, that one time I had to get that one vampire used to being a vampire. That was last year though. I thought I was safe.

“It must be Halloween.” I rolled my eyes.

“Harley, we’ve been through this! Can you just sit down!” I screamed and she paused with her sucker in her mouth. “Well, sure puddin’! Why didn’t you just say so?” She giggled and plopped herself on the nearest place she could sit as if I hadn’t been chasing her for hours.

“Well, Harley.. You kinda have to get up and pose.” I said and she smiled at me. I sighed. Now it is she that rolls her eyes as she looks over at me.

“I already told ya, puddin’! We have to wait for Mistah J!” She exclaimed but I was done waiting. It’s been a whole year and like eighteen costumes. I’ve been waiting YEARS for this photoshoot.

“He’s not coming.” I confessed and she frowned. She didn’t say anything but looked over the roof of where we standing as though she was ready to jump. Libby Harley Quinn Cosplay-3

“Are… are you okay?” I asked and she seemed to shake out of her trance.

“You bet! Let’s shoot!” It was like a complete mood swing. Suddenly, she was posing… Cooperating, being herself.

Libby Harley Quinn Cosplay-13Libby Harley Quinn Cosplay-12

“Harley.. What’s that in your hand…?” I asked.. She didn’t reply so I blinked and wiped my eyes quickly. When I finally look back at her, she looks even more menacingly but with a new weapon.

Libby Harley Quinn Cosplay-14Libby Harley Quinn Cosplay-15



“Woah. Harley… Calm down.” My heart is pounding in my ears. Why is it always me!? “HARLEY WAIT!” The gun goes off and I’m in a frenzy trying to find cover.

“How does it feel to be CHASED?!” Suddenly, I tumble to the ground. My camera hangs loosely around my neck and my eyes raise to meet her menacing ones. “Ready for your closeup?” She pointed the gun at me..


Libby Fox - Harley Quinn Cosplay 2-15

I’m not dead! I promise. Harley is actually a sweetheart played by Libby Fox, one of the cutest and sweetest cosplays I’ve ever shot. You can actually check out her Facebook Page because she is just too adorable! There’s also a video of her on Instagram doing her best Harley Quinn expression, and it’s dead on.  You can watch that below, but don’t touch that dial… There’s another Halloween photoshoot coming at midnight! If I don’t get to see you again tonight, be safe!

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