Happy Halloween! Bride of Frankenstein

Happy Halloween Kings and Queens. Every year we have a halloween photoshoot boudoir and there’s always an outstanding modeling job by a model that ends up making me wanna cry. Last year, we had Kalika’s Scream, the year before, Gabbie killed her now husband Raymond.. This year, Cosplay Sass and their partner Angelo are…

The Bride of Frankenstein // Cosplay Sass and Angelo
Halloween Photoshoot

I love this Bride of Frankenstein photoshoot so much because Cosplay Sass painted both themselves and their partner and it just looks beautiful!

The Groom:

The Bride:

Oh! Better close the door, the honeymoon is about to begin!

If you head on over to Patreon, there’s a super special version of this that is not necessarily safe for work waiting for you. We had to make a tremendously creative makeshift bride of Frankenstein lingerie for them, made completely out of medical gauze.. There’s some behind the scenes too. You don’t wanna miss that!

Until next time, keep it spooky. You know we will.

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