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Happy Birthday Spencer! | Chicago Punk

Happy birthday to one of my favorite friends, Spencer, one of the raddest Chicago punk guys I know. Fun Fact: His birthday is the day after mine.

Spencer | Chicago Punk |

The last time you saw Spencer here at JDcom, it was celebrating his birthday two years ago with the release of a fall photoshoot between him and his lovely, now fiance, Janet. They quickly became relationship goals for a lot of people and I was proud to know that these were my friends.

People always ask me why Spencer is one of my favorite friends. He’s one of those kind of people that really emphasizes the concept of no man (or woman) left behind. Growing up, the Chicago punk scene didn’t feel like there was a place for me. That deterred me from going to plenty of shows. When I met Spencer at a convention, years back, that all changed. He made sure no one stepped on me, no one bumped into me, and that there always some sort of protection around me. He was like that about everyone. A real ladies to the fucking front kinda guy.

In addition, Spencer had no shame about his eccentric-ness. I mean, how many men do you know have no problem walking around in a skirt/dress/etc. Hell, one year he even stood in for me when I was too sick/drunk to be a good Blossom to my Powerpuff Girls Cosplay squad.

Simply put, the man’s a legend..

Aside from all of that, Spencer is a handcrafted genius. His vests and patches? All made by his own hands. I’ve watched this man floss-patch up a hole in his crotch without any fear. That takes a lot of balls, no pun intended.

He’s a true warrior.
As he approaches his “second 26th birthday”, I couldn’t be more proud to his friend.

He reminds me with the Chicago punk community is all about. People who fight for each other. People who stand by each other. People who look out for each other. The one thing I can tell you honestly… don’t fuck with him. 

That machete? Is far from his only weapon.

You can follow Spencer on Instagram to see more of his epic badassery and wish him a happy goddamn birthday. 


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